Real reason why Kharma didn't appear.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 5, 2012.

  1. Quite interesting. The bad side of the internet if this is the case.
  2. See back then we had awesome stuff happen because back then internet wasn't used for spoilers and shit. If we weren't using the internet today, I could bet your asses that all of you would think Raw is awesome.
  3. No way, lmao.

    Most of the stuff "spoiled" but then "changed" is good. They change it to retarded things.
  4. The internet is part of pushing the WWE to create better stories and get better at not letting spoilers leak.
  5. It's a failure on WWE's part firstly because if it wasn't leaked in the first place this wouldn't have happened. Also, is it me but who cares if we expected Kharma to return? We all expected Lesnar to return and among many others in the past that shouldn't alter the reason of a certain Superstar/Diva returning. I just don't understand the WWE at times.
  6. This was fucked up Kharma should of destroyed the Bellas on their way out of the company. They called Kharma fat in that promo last year and now Kharma will never get her revnege. WWE should of ignored the leaks and let Kharma return. They didnt stop Brock returning when leaks about him re signing with the company came out. So annoyed
  7. It totally would have made sense. This bullshit about The Bella's 'getting fired' was just a bullshit excuse and made it look so poor. We want Kharma.
  8. Yeah I have to admit the "Eve fires Bella Twins" is pure laziness.
  9. I'm always skeptical about this type of report, and it happens every time the IWC expects something to happen and it doesn't. If WWE higher ups really sit around reading dirtsheets and message boards and then audible their plans when they think we are expecting something to happen, that is beyond terrible.

    Predictable booking is not always a bad thing. Sacrificing sensible booking (which yes, can be predictable at times) just for the sake of throwing us a curveball does nothing but hurt the product if they really do this crap.
  10. [​IMG]
    I saw this in front of my eyes when I read that.
  11. It would be funny if WWE employees spent their time reading forums to see what we think about the things that were leaked. And if they did change it because they thought everyone knew... come on!
  12. They saw my prediction challenge thread and noticed 9 users out of 10 predicted Kharma to win the belt off of Bella...

    "Vince, we need a swerve!"
  13. If they read this forum, RAW would be a 9/10 :emoji_slight_smile:)
  14. You're all wrong. The reason Kharma hasn't come back is cause she and Mark Henry are still trying to give us what we really want.

    She's doing us a huge favor trying to give birth to the next super heavyweight

    They're trying to put Big Show out to pasture so Vince can split his dome

    The only more awesome than this would be D-Bry yelling YES YES YES.....after the big man to sleep