Real Sports vs. WWE/F

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Real Sports

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  2. Pro Wrestling

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  1. Which do you find more interesting. WWE/F and pro wrestling as a whole or real sports like football/basketball/baseball etc.

    I find the world of real sports more interesting.
  2. You're comparing Entertainment with Sports...
  3. I don't like real sports. I grew up on WWE and I could never get into any sport
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  4. Sports. Namely, NFL and Baseball.
  5. I watch College Basketball and Hockey, but not occasionally.
    Would watch Soccer a lot if it came on TV though.
    Don't like to invest that much of my time watching sports though.
    So pro wrestling > sports
  6. :obama:
  7. They're both a form of entertainment. One is just real.
  8. I prefer both equally. I watch both for different things. My fav sports are football (Americans read soccer) and MMA.

    Are you insinuating that wrestling isn't real? Are we watching animated characters?
  9. I like both equally, but at least some of the wrestlers I like win championships once in a while (unlike Toronto sports teams :downer: )
  10. No vote.

    Football is something I enjoy with passion and joy. Wrestling I watch to be entertained like a film.. Oh wait..
  11. I think my post may be ambiguous. I prefer wrestling and don't like any sports.
  12. Pro wrestling. I find real sports boring. I used to like to play soccer or football with some friends though, but it's pretty dull to get into on TV.
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  13. It's not dull. It's interesting once you get into it. The Manti GF Hoax story. Ray Lewis comeback of the decade. The best part about it is that it's actual stuff. @Crayo
  14. Different strokes and stuff.
  15. I can't pick because I like both for different reasons.
    Basketball and football ('Merican) are great.
    WWE has that soap opera'esk to it though.
  16. Sports by a mile
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  17. I am just the same
  18. Right now sports is a lot more entertaining, storyline wise. Let me breakdown some of what's going on in reality.

    Lance Armstrong, the best bike rider in history of bikes, a billion time tour de France winner, is a f'ing cheater after over ten years of lying, suing, and basically gangster threatening anybody who said he was cheating.

    Manti T'eo, the runner up to this years Heisman trophy and one if the biggest names in college football today, found out that his online girlfriend who died of leukemia six hours after his grandmother died... Wasn't real, but was actually some dude and that dude's family. He found out because this said girlfriend called him about four months later saying that she had to fake her death because she owed the mob or some crap.

    We also have Ray Lewis last run at a super bowl going strong and his battle with destiny. And that's all this week.

    What can wwe do that can compare to that at the moment.

    ~Three Said That~
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  19. Not to mention the great games we've had (Falcons/Seahawks, Ravens/Broncos) even the Packers/Niners game (which was a blowout) was fun to watch. :obama:
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