Real Talk: Do WWE Superstars take steroids?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zev, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  3. maybe so?

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  2. It's 100% their decision if they want to take steroids.
    It doesn't have to do anything with the sport.

    Some of them do
  3. Nope. None of them do now. If they do, they're fired. WWE do regular tests, as the welfare policy proves. Back in the day you probably had more than half taking them. Benoit' death caused major change. So no, nobody does any-more.
  4. I think some still do like cody rhodes! He was in shape when he was with ted, but now he is like buff for his size. D: if you were to 1v1 him irl
  5. I never got the obsession with knowing whether wrestlers take steroids tbh. It doesn't affect their performance at all. Plus I agree with crayo they're too heavily tested although it wouldn't suprise me if a few of vinces golden boys get preferential treatment tbh. It is up to the wwe if they fine wrestlers or not.
  6. @[Tzesi], it's there decision I suppose yes, but if it's used they're fired. I highly doubt any of them do, especially stars that are up-and-coming aka Rhodes. Not hard to get into shape if you commit to it, it's these guys jobs to be in shape. You should see the work outs that Cena does for example.
  7. There's one thing called "addiction".
    I've also heard they can detect it only in 24 hours.

    But you're right, WWE has done a really good job to reduce in a high amount,if not totally, the steroids.
  8. Weed doesn't stay in your system long does it? Look at how many suspensions we've had recently because of those tests. Steroids just isn't taken any-more. Maybe the odd one or two every few years, but they'd be fired if caught.
  9. Don't you think mason ryan might of done it? && the reason I have an "obession" with this is because i saw a documentary of a person who wanted to become a wwe star but wasn;t strong enough even tho he tried so hard. so he figured he used steroids because back then hulk hogan got caught with steroids, he thought it be fine too knowing they didn't do anything to him. :flexion:

    weed stays in your system for a month or so.
  10. Mason Ryan is huge. Could be. But thing is I know many people in real life the size of Orton, Rhodes and one guy like Cena. They've never touched the stuff, you can just naturally get big. Protein-shakes, meat-filled diet with carbs and vegetables and lots of working out will do the trick. Since these guys HAVE to do this, I'm pretty sure most of them don't take steroids.

    Dolph Ziggler is on a "empty stomach cardio" diet I think. He literally has zero body fat.
  11. They don't need to, you can be strong enough to be a WWE superstar with "natural" training.
    Also WWE isn't a bodybuilding content, watch CM Punk's body.

    John Cena's body,Sheamus' body ,all the bodies in WWE can be build without any steroids.

    Sorry for my enligh, bit of tired
  12. OT: I always forget you're not naturally English Tzesi, your English is phenomenal (more times than not).
  13. There are natural guys that size but alot of the time wrestlers are on the road they can't keep to a strict diet which they would require to maintain the low bodyfat.
  14. None do, all WWE stars have regular tests, and the Welness Policy was introduced after the Chris Benoit saga.
  15. If they do they get fired