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  1. I watched this video and it made so much sense.
    I am literally crying, why? I have come to realize that I no longer know how to have real connections with people, other then my husband and even that is diluted at times.
    This world has become so disconnected with life.
    I don't have a facebook but I have a Twitter. I use it mainly for sharing things I learn with others I will probably never meet. Do they share my beliefs?
    I will never know.
    I lost touch with human connection, nature and life in general and it really makes me sad.
    The irony of it all is I am sharing this with people who likely don't give two craps about me, yet some how I am okay with this.
    I am okay with having diluted relationships with strangers who will never be able to look into my eyes, hear my real laugh, or breath the same air.
    Am I the only one who see's something wrong with the way we, as humans have diluted human connectivity?

  2. This is in no way a new phenomenon either. Mankind has always looked for forums to make their voices heard in. In the middle ages, ancient Rome etc it was public forums like markets that served that purpose since they already were important gathering point so that one could trade. We have just moverd our forums onto the web since we live in a global society (go read the theory on the global village) were we can trade and discuss things with people from all over the world.

    But if you feel that you are "losing touch" then you can solve that real simple. Spend more time off the computer. Make sure that you have time that you spend away from it were you talk with people in person. You cannot change the world but you can change yourself.
  3. I would give a deep response but sadly Brita has me blocked.

    She really diluted our human connectivity.
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  4. This is only true in the Western world where the internet/technology is a huge part of society. It's hardly all of humanity.
    That being said, there are a lot of people in the world with real "human connection" who are cutting down rainforests , causing animals to go extinct, treating women like dirt, genocides etc. Human connection doesn't necessarily = something good (though it can obviously).
    But honestly, even if we didn't have internet/advanced technology how many of us would really go on walk on the beach, hiking in the woods and go out of our way to have a chat with random strangers we meet, on a consistent basis? I doubt many would tbh.

    Personally, I'm fine with spending a large amount of time on the internet and chatting with "strangers" that I'll never meet or just chilling in my apartment playing Vinyls all night, while only having a handful of real friends to hang with. I'm naturally shy and not a fan of most human beings I meet, so for me; bitching around on a forum/website, listening to music, watching random TV/movie shit > > > going outside and having "real human connection" for the most part. Even when I (and probably most) hang out with friends it's not like we're out exploring the world and going out of our way looking for new people.
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  5. Well fuck now i'm depressed.
  6. It's true though, but the video became objective - Facebook has advantages too. It depends on the people who uses it.

    But yeah. I know a lot of people who buys/does stuff just to brag it to everyone in FB.

    Excuse me, I bought Hokkaido cakes for myself and I didn't tell everyone. I enjoyed the experience on my own. It's better than posting a picture about it and bragging it to friends but not fully enjoying the food.
  7. I think the video made a lot of fuckin' sense. I deleted my facebook maybe a month ago but still tweet from time to time. I also use this site and talk to people i'll never know. Kind of sad when i think about it, but I don't know any other wrestling fans. Well, hell being on this site I still don't know many. Atleast not a lot that enjoy it now.
  8. Socializing is overrated in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, it is obviously a necessity, but it doesn't mean we have to be doing it all the time. As long as people are still fucking and children are being made, then all is good IMO. I can go a few weeks barely speaking to anyone outside of school or family and it doesn't affect me in the slightest. There seems to be this perception that everybody needs to be socializing all the time to really enjoy life, but in all honesty a lot of the time I'm happier just staying in, playing Fifa, watching TV and fapping than I am socializing with people I don't really like that much.

    Besides, if anything, technology has led to an increase in socializing as when your average person isn't at a party or out with their mates or whatever, they're texting/phoning/tweeting them.
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  9. It's just society becoming more advanced. I say we're more connected to humans than ever. On this site we have people from at least 5 different Continents. Before this technology came about, what are the chances I could discuss my ideas with someone from Austrailia, Brazil, and England at the same time? It's amazing that our ideas are all over the world instead of just a small town or neighbourhood.
  10. Wow, this brought out emotions I forgot I even had... man, this'll be hard to fight off.


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    jk lol ily brita

    On the internet, everyone's the same. There's no social classes, no cliques, no hating people by default because of the clothes they wear or the look on their face, no other stupid shit like that. The only thing that matters online is the thoughts generated from your mind and put on paper... and really, isn't that what should be important?

    Sociologists may disagree, and yeah online conversation may affect us differently (and be handled differently) than discussions in real life do, but I disagree. I get a lot more excited about a PM on here than a friend wanting to come visit, and usually enjoy sending the PM more. Really the internet just took a basic need and made it better.
  11. Nothing has changed. Naturally social-media kicked off because humans demand a faster resource to information. It doesn't physically stop you from opening your door and walking to see your friends, or anyone else you want to connect with in reality. There are dangers with obsessive social-media usage and reluctance to leave the house, and those are to do with anxiety, but nothing has actually changed. This current "crisis" that kids are inside too much and that socialising is at risk is ridiculous in my opinion.

    To question connectivity with other humans is also something I see as ridiculous. Because of this virtual world, we can instantly and easily connect with anyone from anywhere as long as they have the same resources (internet). One resource that is easy to obtain. Some would argue that you could connect easier digitally than you would in reality because of how easy it is to share pictures, videos, and many other things like that. This is all blown out of proportion. It reminds me of people who complain about video games being detrimental in the violence crisis, but I don't see myself going out there, blowing up a Ric Flair doll and smashing it over peoples heads repeatedly (Saints Row 3 ftw). My point is, people like to blame advances in technology for their wrong-doings, but in reality it is simply an excuse.

    This doesn't apply to you because I don't know about your situation completely, but the dangers of the digital world are so minimum and are blasted out of proportion naturally. To answer your question though, humanity hasn't diluted in connectivity; it just keeps on advancing in my opinion. Why should I pay £100 to take a trip to Spain to see my relatives, when I could easily Skype with them repeatedly for free?
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  12. I read all the comments.
    I agree, there are many advantages to talking to people on the internet.
    I however, do, disagree that its not a serious issue.

    When I was in my teens I remember being glued to my phone texting. I would be with people, hanging out but I would always be checking my phone, texting someone else, letting their replies, or lack there of effect the time I spent with the people I was with in person. This is particularly true with my ex. I have since cut the cell phone cord. My husband and I share a cell phone and he takes it to work with him. I rarely text on it now. I will admit I lost connection will all my friends from my teen/childhood years and its not because of technology or the internet, I guess its because I changed and I realized I should have never been "friends" with them in the first place.

    I don't act differently on here vs in person. I am the same, only in person I am more shy until I get to know someone. I may say more things on here then I would in person and I think, honestly, thats because I let myself drift away from human communication (real life) because its easier for me to speak to people online then in person. My mom never socialized me when I was a child. I had 2 friends, one was a cousin, the other was a girl down the street. Both of which I would have never been friends with had I not been related, or lived somewhere else. Aside from my husband, I never had a friendship I went out of my way to pursue, at least not since I was in my teens.

    I guess I am on the fence with the subject. I do need to spend more time outside, around people then I do on my laptop. Hopefully, once my husband and I move and buy our own home it will be easier. I want to reconnect with nature as well. I use to spend hours and hours outside in the woods or just exploring... I rarely spend any time outside anymore. I ordered some non-gmo seeds and I am going to start my own garden for starts. Hopefully shortly after we move we will get a dog, then I can spend time outside with him.

    Thank you for all your comments! I appropriated that no one gave short responses and explained in detail.
  13. This seems to be more of a personal "issue" than a global issue, which is what I was arguing against. If your former friends were not good for you, then ditching them was the best idea. I don't think digital communication would be the complete reason for that though. Obviously it is easier to socialise online than it is offline because facial expressions and general emotion is harder to detect making it easier. You don't feel embarrassed or awkward because you're talking to someone through a computer, and all those body language issues are gone.

    There's also a care-free attitude about it, because if you say something out of line or weird who cares? It's just someone online, and they are never held in the same regard initially as someone would be in the "real world". There's only a problem with not going outside once you're forced to stay inside. Institutionalising yourself indoors is dangerous because agoraphobia can develop or some type of anxiety disorder. It can also lead to depression and other mental health issues believe it or not. However, if you are choosing to be inside then it's fine. R Albin nailed it on the head, some people just enjoy staying inside more. I could go out every single week if I wanted with people I know and drink the night away, but I would honestly much rather chill inside and watch football, or wrestling, or anything else I enjoy. Socialising isn't something I need as I enjoy my own company, but it differs for other people.

    To summarise, I think there is less of an issue than you may think, but perhaps going outside more frequently and connecting with whatever you want to connect with might help you. Don't get yourself too worried though :emoji_slight_smile:. Getting a dog is a great idea though.
  14. This definitely seems to be more of a personal problem.
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  15. I can see his point.

    But tbh, FB made me get back in touch with a lot of old friends, and keep me in touch with foreign friends..
  16. It depends how you use it. Like any other thing in the world, it can be abused. It can however be very beneficial depending on the situation.

    Take me for example. I (sadly) spend virtually my entire life working, even when I'm not at work I'm working at home. I can barely meet up with the people I know, so I use social media to still keep in touch with them. There's NOTHING wrong with that, just because I'm not seeing them face to face doesn't mean I'm not socializing with them. I'm not anti-social at all.

    Of course people abuse it, but everything in the world is in some way abused. That doesn't make it a majority thing. And even if it is, you don't have to be the majority.

    Don't completely get rid of social networking because some idiot on the internet told you to, use it the right way. Use it to keep in touch with people that you wouldn't be able to otherwise, use it to discuss topics on the internet with others that you can't do with your real friends (which I presume for many of us is wrestling) and use it to talk to interesting people from the other side of the globe. There's nothing wrong with the internet and social networking if it's used correctly, it's one of the greatest tools we have.
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  17. Yeah, seems more like a personal issue. There's a reason why America has the most obese people. I've been to foreign countries and rarely saw any obese people. At most I just saw chubby kids on the street. And Social Networking wasn't common there either. Most people just did things that didn't involve a computer or a T.V.
  18. I use facebook as a way to stay on contact with old friends who have moved away and a way to organise social events. I rarely tweet as i cant be bothered with it. I use WWEF as it gives me ppl to talk to wrestling about other than my gf, despite the fact i dont know any of u i still feel like there is a strange sort of community spirit on here.

    In the real world i strive to constantly attend events and socialise with work colleagues and friends. Using tools like facebook, twitter and the internet to help organise and arrange these things.

    Kinda dont think this helps but the point of mt post is u can use these tools to enhance ur life.
  19. So if it seems more like a personal issue to you, why do you go on to blame an entire country for social networking being used so prominently?

    You should probably proof-read before you post.
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  20. It's not really that big of a deal if you moderate your usage. I have Facebook, Twitter etc. and I use them often, but I still talk to those people in real life majoritarily. It's a personal issue, 9 times out of 10 people can't be bothered to talk to people in real life because it's easier to use social media.
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