Really cool teacher

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. :true:
  2. "Her husband's in the military so he's away some of the time."

    Really, "Cool teacher"? Because sleeping with her students when her husband is out saving the country is so hip and cool.

    Her easily manipulatable students are probably the only idiots that stank ass can get.
  3. Sorry, did I just kill your fantasy? By all means keep jerking off to the dream that one day you'll get with a trifling ass teacher like her, while her husband is out actually doing something worthwhile to save a nation.
  4. 20 years in prison? Jesus.
  5. Seriously, f*cking relax.It's the Locker Room. :facepalm1:
  6. Oh, I'm meant to just act like a retard in here because there's no rules?

    LOL grt video tho man sry i was like totaly on ur chain an stuf lol

    i'd like totaly want her in my skool lol :yay::yay::yay:
  7. There is rules now :((
  8. 1) No direct flaming to any users.
    2) No threads on particular members, unless it's of quality. Otherwise just use the PM system.
    3) If you think your thread is REALLY low quality, then don't post it.

    You are really a pain, GTFO!
  9. I never once directly insulted you. I simply implied that you wished to have sexual relations with someone similar to her, and gave you my blessing.

    Quite frankly, I'd consider your reply to my first post in this thread as "direct flaming," in that you're technically telling me to "fuck off."

    Also, if we're looking into everything here, "GTFO" isn't very welcoming and I'm actually genuinely offended by it, stop flaming me.
  10. The fact that you CLAIM that I wish I had a sexual relationship with a teacher is an insult.
    The fact that this is the Locker Room and it is a place everyone can relax and not start a useless argument.
    The FACT is, I couldn't give a sh*t if you felt offended by my vulgar language and considering this is My thread... :gtfo: and don't come back.
  11. I used speculation based on your appreciation to her actions. Surely you'd know the difference between claims and speculation, what with wanting to be a detective and all?

    Where this was posted is moot and doesn't change the fact that she's an idiot. This isn't the "Post-anything-and-get-positive-replies room", this is the room where free-speech is encouraged. You're trying to censor my opinions, which isn't free-speech at all.

    Actually, you're not a moderator of this section. Creating a thread does not give you higher rights.

    Please get off your pedestal, for you are no higher than any other medial member on this forum.
  12. Actually I'm a part of Super Pipebomb so I have the right to tell you to :gtfo:
    I'm the owner of this thread so I have the right to tell you :gtfo:
    The fact that you're creeping me is scary, so :gtfo:
    This is the amount of f*cks I give about you...
    Show Spoiler

    Oh, you're still here? :gtfo:

  13. Such a well-thought-out reply. Next you'll be telling me about how you "LOL TOTALY TROLLD" me, but as such with any foolish person, I do not expect any less from you.
    It's still unfortunate that your lack of maturity and social-stability does not allow you to reply without including a smiley.

    But still, if you are "the owner of this thread", then by all means ban me from posting in it. Oh, you can't? Such a pity.
    Perhaps you may wish to use your "Pipebomb" group to ban me? Oh, you can't? Such a pity.
  15. :troll::troll::troll: LOL U GOT ME LOL :troll:
  16. You're such a god Blank.
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  17. can we not fight?
  18. :troll:
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