Really enjoyed Orton/Sheamus/Jericho and ADR

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 8, 2012.

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  1. I didn't see too much of the match but the backstage segment was gold. People were marking for the Orton heel turn, but it's not a heel turn. Hopefully they're just extending his character a bit. But I legit lol'd when he said "Your clumsy ass kicked me in the face " and "There's no accidents in that ring fella", I love that. Orton really is the only face who doesn't ass lick other faces, they need to emphasize that.

    If it is a character change, then I welcome him taking the title off Sheamus. Jericho's comment to Orton was pretty funny too "Mind your own business Orton, get out of here before you get hurt you understand?" or something :haha:
  2. Best part of Raw besides Heyman for me. Started going nuts when Jericho got the win, never seen it coming at all.

    Agree about Orton. Think he needs to get an edgier side back and tonight he was almost like a tweener, which was perfect for him I thought.

    The F4W will be emence and could be a better match than Punk/Bryan, considering Punk's sloppy ring-work as of late.
  3. this needs to happen
  4. If fella loses I'll be fine.
  5. Am I the only one that prefers a good 1 on 1 match over clusterfuck fatal 4 ways?
  6. I think the fatal 4 way will be better than Sheamus vs Del Rio would, but that's just me. I liked the fact that Jericho won, it surprised me, really. Orton as a tweener is also nice.
  7. I missed the match, did Jericho win cleanly or?
  8. Sheamus tried to brogue kick Chris Jericho, he ducked and it connected on Randy Orton. Then I believe Chris Jericho hit the code breaker and pinned Sheamus, cleanly. (I can't remember off the top of my head however Chris Jericho did win cleanly.)
  9. Yes Saylor, that's exactly what happened.
  10. Semi-clean. Nice though, they obviously wanted Jericho to look relevant going into a feud he has no business being in, lmao.
  11. I'm sticking with my original prediction from another thread that this is used to set up a feud between Orton and Jericho. I'm guessing Jericho will be put out for a couple of months from a punt kick from Orton and that will give us a feud between the two when Jericho returns in the summer or fall. Sheamus/Del Rio will likely happen at No Way Out.
  12. I wish Jericho won.
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