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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Liquid7778, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. i just don't get jerry lawler when he asks "is this who i think it is" when rey mysterio's music is obviously playing and you have heard it plenty of times
    come on jerry
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  2. Lolwut. Thought it was a BLFFL thread. But yeah, Jerry sucks.
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  3. @Shadow and @CM Punk and myself were watching raw last night and Lawler was killing it. He cut a vicious promo calling Goldust a fag then beat him in a KOTR qualifying match.

    he was probably the second most over dude with that particular crowd after SCSA.
  4. The commentary team fucking sucks. Lawler can barely put a coherent sentence together. You can tell Cole doesn't give a shit about wrestling. And JBL, my god. This guy sides with the heel to the extent where it's funny and then starts shouting 'what's up' and 'usos'. Shitbags.
  5. Hey, JBL is a rasslin' Gawd! He'll kick your ass, pay his bail and pay off the court. Why? Because he's that damn :damn: rich! :jbl:
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  6. While lawler has been absolute trash as of late, a heel Lawler can be great. His son got so much heat just for being related to him. Not to mention he would kill guys in promos. On commentary, his early years were definitely his best.
  7. Cole: "So whaddya think about Rey's chances in this match. Jerry?"
    Lawler: "Did I ever mention that I fought Andy Kauffman?"
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  8. Jerry's commentary on WWE Games makes me want to shoot myself.
  9. I know I'm pointlessly trying to hijack this thread but look how fucking over Lawler is here:

  10. Lawler was one of the best in the business in the 1970's and 1980's (particularly the early 1980's). He could pull a crowd like Flair and Rhodes could. His feud with Andy Kaufman was a brilliant piece of wrestling that went over the line into true performance art.

    His abilities on commentary when he was with JR were still amazing. He performed the role of the entertaining heel announcer (much like Bobby Heenan) supremely well and the show was better for his presence.

    Now, sadly, Lawler has become as much a caricature of what he used to be as Alec Baldwin has. And, much like Baldwin, it's time for him to fade off into that sunset.

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