Really sad songs.

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  1. Come on boys and girls, let's post em'

    The GOAT

  2. The ballad of over emotional teens of the mid 00's everywhere.
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  3. Real GOAT
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  4. I don't know the name of the song, but the music that played in LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring when Gandalf supposedly fell to his death was one of the most beautiful and saddest songs I've ever heard, more beautiful than sad actually.

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  5. All aboard the feel train, cho-cho!!
    Cart 1: Rainbow Eyes by Rainbow
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    Cart 2: Soothsayer by Buckethead
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    Cart 3: This I Love by Guns N' Roses
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    Cart 4: Life Goes On by Tupac
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    Cart 5: Homing Beacon by Buckethead
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    Cart 6: This is your life by Dio
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    Cart 7: Soldier Side by System of a Down
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    Cart 8: A Tout Le Monde by Megadeth
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    Cart 9: Shadow(acoustic version) by Bumblefoot
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    Cart 10: Like a Stone by Audioslave
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    Final Cart, Cart 11: Like Suicide by Soundgarden
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    Remember guys, there ain't no brakes on the feel train :tough:
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  6. I stand corrected. This is the GOAT. How could I forget mad world?
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    Doesn't even needs lyrics.

  8. Okay guys, take the metal rocky non-sad shit elsewhere. :tough:
  9. Dont make me describe each song. I'll bury you so far deep into the ground, you'll be forced to change my name to HHH :tough:
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  10. I had to believe you knew this song. Donnie Darko sells the shit out of it, but your song is great too. James Blunt melts panties.
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  11. One of my favorite songs in the world.

    I've become
    A simple souvenir of someone's kill
    And like the sea
    I'm constantly changing from calm to ill
    Madness fills my heart and soul as if the great divide could swallow me whole
    oh, how I'm breaking down
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  12. Oh that's a great one.
  13. I actually have cried to this song before.
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  14. I got 11 seconds into that song, and wanted to kill myself. Damn that's sad.
  15. It's almost too hard to listen to.
  16. Gonna see if I can make it past 11 seconds.
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