Really want this for my room

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. Optoma GT750E Projector


    Need somewhere in the UK that stocks it.
    TV's are great, but projector's look much slicker and smaller, but bigger at the same time.

    Isn't this it?
  3. Yeah projectors are nice but don't you need those big screens at one end of a wall so it isn't crappy? Or else I want NBA 2K12
  4. Projectors have much less quality though, but they are bigger so yeah, I want one too.
  5. Ah that is it. Thank you.

    Nope. Just a plain surface.

    Not if you get a decent one.
  6. Even decent ones have nothing on decent televisions.
  7. True I know somebody with this big ass projector but it's only good to watch movies on.
  8. My cousin has one which only cost £350 and it's crystal clear.
    Also, getting the right distance between wall and projector also influences the clarity.
  9. I know how a projector works, we have one downstairs, a very good one too (I can find the exact model name etc later for you if you want). But it has nothing on a decent television and why would it? Common sense broski. They're great though because they're huge, it's always good fun playing games on it at times.
  10. get you, rich boy
  11. Truthfully? It's my Mum's for her work. :emoji_cry:
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