Realtionship status.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Grams and Ounces, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. What is a subtle way to find out if someone has a boyfriend/girlfriend? I am curious about someone who keeps giving me the eye but do not want to just ask outright because I like being single and do not want to give them the wrong impression. I have tried asking people who know them but have been given conflicting answers.
  2. Google their name on facebook and check their relationship status like the rest of us stalkers do.
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  3. Facebook and Twitter.
  4. I was thinking of Facebook but i do not have an account and would have to make up a fake name for one.
  5. Not exactly, you can go on facebook and do a search for their name to get access to their page without an account. If they have their profile info on private, you obviously wont see much, but, they may have relationship status as public.
  6. Just ask Jonathan. I'm sure he'll find a way.
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  7. Thanks, did not know that, I will get stalking.
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  8. I will make that my plan B.
  9. Is what I would do
  10. How would you find out?
  11. We all know you would spend days searching on the internet. You creepy stalker
  12. :tough: :nope:
  13. Just digging around social media
  14. pipl probably.
  15. If their profile is set to private, I suggest making a fake celebrity account and making a fake location too.
  16. Ask @geekgoddess. Sure she'll be able to help you out. :haha:
  17. I don't know anything about this lol
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  18. I will probably just end up asking her, wrong impressions be damned.
  19. If you want to stay single, why even bother asking? Just make sure when you talk to them, you don't give them false signals. If she asks, just say you are not interested. If she gets offended, say sorry, you are just not looking for a relationship, and walk away. She'll get over it. Asking will probably embarrass her.
  20. Ask her, "Heyo chica, ya got a man or lady? No? Ya got one now! :testify: "
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