Reason ADR missed NWO but wrestled on RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 21, 2012.

  2. ADR is injury prone!!!!

    but in reality he gets cleared from a concussion in a little over a week and a half. Beast mode. Fuck you gingerhead man.
  3. Gingerhead man. :obama:
  4. Well, he completely squashed Santino, and I don't think Santino got any offense in against ADR. So they wanted to use him to start the build to MITB while protecting him... but of course you can't do that without burying the mid-card champ. Typical wwelogic
  5. I'm all for burying Santino. My only beef is that squash should have been for the meaningless title.
  6. Retire that fucking belt already. I agree, Santino's the perfect jobber.
  7. The belt doesn't need retired, it just needs to be used better. Dolph made the US Title look like a million bucks, ADR could as well.
  8. This. The Ziggler Ryder feud from last fall made that belt worth something. Ryder really wanted the belt and Dolph was sure as hell not giving it up.
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  9. Santino is the worst champion ever.....if Alberto gets it he should make it the Mexican title.
  10. Wonder if ADR will go for the US title ;o
  11. Anyone else could hold the US title right now, it's just a plain lie to call a guy like Santino a champion when he's a comedy jobber. About Del Rio's reason, makes sense, got cleared after they changed plans.
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