News Reason Dolph Ziggler Isn’t on WWE Television

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  1. During the mailbag segment of today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about the whereabouts of Dolph Ziggler and why he isn’t being used on weekly WWE programming.

    Meltzer mentioned that Ziggler is working WWE Live Events right now and the company currently doesn’t have any programs for him to work. The belief is that the company isn’t pushing him so they have no reason to use him on weekly WWE programming.

    Meltzer also noted that there are several other WWE Superstars that the company doesn’t have anything for, so they just aren’t being used.

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  2. Ziggles and how many others? They are over stacked and instead of rotating people in and out allowing for rest and breaks, they keep the same guys at the top and work them until they get injured or until the fans just get sick of them.
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