Reason for McIntyre losing streak

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Arrow, Feb 23, 2012.

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  3. If he isn't getting shit canned after Mania WWE has me fooled. Same with Natalya. Just classic burials before they cut ties
  4. None of those will be be getting canned. I'm not a fan of the arrogant playboy heel type, or a face turn. Just needed some better booking as an aggressive heel.
  5. How does an extended losing streak set him up to make his character more arrogant? His ass is grass and Vince is the lawn mower
  6. Why don't they keep him off TV then? Making him completely irrelevant if they're going to cut him seems more what they'd do, then investing in a storyline. No matter how crap it is.
  7. I'd say having him job to jobbers makes him less relevant than just not being on TV

    For instance The Pope hasn't been on TV in God knows how long. Do you think he is better off being on Impact every week jobbing to guys like Robbie E and Eric Young as opposed to not being heard from? I don't

    Same with Natalya. You think she is better off with the farting storyline than no storyline at all? I sure don't
  8. Well at least your making an impression, if you're being featured in some way it's better then not at all imo.
  9. If it were me I'd much rather show up in a different company having not been on TV for a year as opposed to showing up as the guy who was jobbing to Santino in 1 minute squash matches
  10. Drew's is a story-line, you keep forgetting that. It's not random squashes, it's part of a poor story-line of losing streaks.
  11. What an amazing storyline to be a a part of. 'Tedday, I'm not a crappay wrestla, I sware! Give me one more match against Santino and I won't lose'

    ::loses in 45 seconds::

  12. I don't think anyone will dispute the fact it's a horrible storyline but it has some form of direction which is better then none.
  13. I'll take the neutrality of not being shown on tv over being buried any day of the week. I see why you would say otherwise, but we'll have to agree to disagree

    I think the difference comes from what we view as the end game of this storyline. You guys seem to think this will bring about something positive after it's all said and done for Drew, while I don't see it happening.
  14. It's more about a guy on bad form trying to save his job. Crap story-line for a heel however.
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