Reason For Missing Mysterio

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 5, 2012.

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  2. So what kind of personal matters could he possibly be dealing with?
    -family sickness,
    -family death,
    -family drugparty?
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  3. Most likely.
  4. Lol'd. :dawg:
  5. sounded like he got kidnapped reading the title.
  6. Mysterio is back on the drugs I bet any money on this
  7. Re: RE: Reason For Missing Mysterio

    A gazillion pounds it is darling.
  8. :dawg:
  9. Most likely a family emergency.
  10. I wish mysterio could stick around. Seems he has been coming and going a lot the past few years. Maybe i'm wrong
  11. Did he tear something trying to get back into that Purple WCW Bodysuit?
  12. that was mean:upset:
  13. Maybe he got busted taking diet pills again. Just let the man lose some weight Vince!
  14. I hope its not drugs... Just saw RAW last Saturday in my city for the 1st time in 3 years. Was wondering why he wasn't there myself. I think dude needs to just retire or whatever. His knee has got to be effed.
  15. I hope its not drugs as I like Rey and appreciate his efforts and what he has done for WWE.
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  16. Mysterio has been in and out with injuries, suspensions, and other stuff that this just doesn't matter to me. When he comes back they need to have mysterio vs sin cara & mysterio vs hunico, then we can just move on. It's about time Mysterio retired, he's only getting fatter as years progress.
  17. I fear Rey's career is nearing an end.

    Wonder who he'll put over going out.

  18. Sin Cara, probably
  19. Is Hunico still around?

  20. injured but around
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