News Reason Jon Bravo Couldn’t Confirm Roman Reigns’ Link To Steroid Dealer

Jon Bravos’ big documentary might have let some people down, but what disappointed people need to realize that he released all the information he could.

Bravo had some evidence linking Roman Reigns to accused and convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez but was lacking the text messages which would stand as the final piece of evidence Bravo needed to make a definitive statement. Reigns apparently not only used an alias, but he also had his packages shipped to addresses not linked with him.

Jon Bravo “The Roman Reigns video, the original release could not be released because in the original video I did have I did have the orders there,”
“I decided after my lawyers looked at it that we couldn’t put it out there until we get the communications information from Richard. Whether or not I would have been liable for it or not doesn’t mean 100% I would have been caused of the way the video was done but I didn’t think it was worth taking that risk.”

Although it might be a bit of a letdown being told we have to wait until the DEA releases more information to Bravo, it is a necessity to tell this story responsibly. After all, we’re talking about a very serious subject matter. “I’m not going to put Roman Reigns’ name out there and say, ‘this guy did this’ without really knowing 100% that he did.” He went on to say why he hyped the Roman Reigns thing in the video above in great detail.
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