Reason Sheamus Was Off Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. If someone told me they were women legs, I'd believe them.
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  3. Wow, what feminine legs he has. No wonder Crayo was such a Sheamus mark.
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  4. Gahhh I'll kill for a night with that fella!

    Hope he has a speedy recovery! <3
  5. At least we got that HILARIOUS 1 800 Fella spot

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  6. Oh I thought the reason he was off was because he was boring as fuck. I was kinda close though.
  7. Looks nasty, although I have to say it was good not having him on the show and the only time he was out there he got booed.
  8. Looks painful, but I actually enjoyed one show without Sheamus.
  9. I feel sorry for Sheamus. He's getting a similar reaction to Cena and he doesn't deserve it. Cena's had the same gimmick for 8 years, he can't wrestle, his jokes suck and he's childish. Sheamus is relatively new, he debuted in WWE in late 2009 and he was a heel until mid 2011. He can wrestle, and he is decent on the mic, don't believe me? Watch his heel promos, and some of his face promos. Some of his jokes have actually made me laugh, unlike Cena's, and he's dedicated. Cena has won the WWE/World Heavyweight Championship a ridiculous amount of times, Sheamus has only won the US, WHC and WWE (x2) titles. Cena's current reign as champion has already nearly been as long as both of Sheamus' WWE title runs combined. Sheamus is also a victim of the two-faced ****s - uh, I mean "internet smarks" who had no problem with him as a heel, and as soon as he turns face he can't wrestle, his opponets carry him, he's awful on the mic and he sucks in general. Lol, idiots.
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  10. Yeah, man. People who enjoyed his heel work, but don't enjoy his smiley-jokey-squasheveryone type character are obviously mentally handicapped.
  11. Cheers for pretty much taking what I said and completely changing it.
    I never said I had a problem with people who didn't enjoy his face work, I said people liked him as a heel and just because he changed his character he suddenly can't wrestle.
    But yeah.
  12. Sheamus has won a lot less titles than Cena, but he's been around for much less time. On 4 years he's won the WWE title, WHC, US, KOTR and RR. Saying that Cena's jokes are bad and that Sheamus' are funny is kinda subjective, but most people find both to be stupid so that's why they dislike his mic work. Sheamus is as childish as Cena pretty much. Cena can wrestle, they normally put the breaks on him on weekly shows but the guy always delivers in big match situations, and not to take anything away from Sheamus, he can wrestle good matches as well. So as far as wrestling, character, and push they're equivalent (Sheamus is another guy who has been overpushed too fast, not his fault but it does make people sick of him a lot faster). Sheamus is dedicated, but so is Cena. Sheamus is not that bad on the mic, but at least in his current role he hasn't really been that good, and Cena, when not making the same jokes that Sheamus normally does (aka when he's serious) can cut great promos. So they're very similar in those aspects and therefore it's understandable why people would react equally to both.
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  13. Part of your justification for jeering Cena is because of his gimmick, and yet the people who boo Sheamus for that exact reason are "two-faced ****s". Logical.

    Still, at least he's dedicated unlike that lazy asshole Cena. Right?
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    Yeah the exact same gimmick he's had for 8 and a half years, as compared to the one Sheamus has had for not even 2. And no, if you actually read and took what I said into your oh-so-knowledgable mind, you would know that, sigh, for the third damn time, that people who liked him as a heel and now say he can't wrestle just because of a gimmick change are two-faced. Anything else you want me to spell out for you, smartass?
    Oh, and you go ahead and find the part in which I called Cena lazy and/or said he wasn't dedicated. Struggling? Lol, sit down kiddo.
  15. Fair enough. At least your argument is logical, and not just a lazy two-liner coming from someone who's trying too hard to look smart over the internet.

    Yes he has won all that in 4 years but there are superstars who have won more in less time. ADR for example, hasn't even been here 3 years and won the biggest RR in history, main evented WM twice, won MITB, 2 time WWEC, 2 time WHC. And let's be honest, KOTR hasn't meant anything since 08. And it doesn't look like Sheamus is gonna be winning anything else anytime soon. As for Cena,he's been winning loads for years and it's well overdue time hes tarts putting talent over which he isn't and more than likely won't for a long time, whereas Sheauds is still relatively new and still has more to do. I wouldn't say Sheamus is as childish as Cena (Sheamus tends to be more serious whereas Cena can be serious at times he just tends to talk about how he loves hs haters and acts laid back) but that's a matter of opinion and so is the joke thing.
  16. True, ADR has won it in less time, but people aren't really welcoming towards him either. I do agree with you on Cena, although he has to win a lot because he's the top face, so for a while we'll have to deal with that. I guess we may have to agree to disagree, but I just think that Sheamus is similar enough to Cena for them to be treated the same way.
  17. Correct me if i'm wrong, but Cena > Sheamus in every way. (Although i dislike them both, but i like Sheamus more)
    Won way more titles, more feuds, more time and everything put in the company, you can't compare them, although Sheamus' character is intended to be a clone of Cena's.
    OOOOOON topic, dem Sheamus legs. *dayum*
  18. This just shows wrestling isnt fake
  19. unlike that living barbie in your sig
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