Reason why Ryback's twitter was wiped!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Thats understandable tbh, Theyre going throw a tough time with a divorce the last thing she wants is to be mentioned in a WWE storyline.
  2. She was already mention in a story line with the Rock & Cena in 2011 or 2012, don't remember. Cena is obviously over it, he's dating a Bella.
  3. Yeah, Ive seen his wife's pic before, Id pick a Bella or Kendra Lust over her any day lol
  4. All 3 of them are just average to me. I am actually shocked he is with a Bella. He can probably get a stunning model. Also, what I fail to understand is that Cena mentioned liking thicker women yet he keeps dating (and married) skinny women. I think he chooses who he dates based on mass appeal. The media says skinny women are the best looking.
  5. I'm sure it was one of those classic cases where they were together before he got rich and famous. He locked her up because he knew she wasn't there for money, not necessarily because she was "the one". Pretty sure the Rock falls into the same category. His ex-wife is not much to look at.
  6. Why so shallow? Maybe he genuinely enjoys Nikki Bella as a person.
  7. I am not saying she's ugly, she is pretty, just average pretty. I always see "famous" men dating beautiful/stunning women is all. Maybe he is more about personality then looks which I give him props for.
  8. It also makes sense that you date within the profession as a wrestler. Who else can you sustain a realistic relationship with when you are on the road full time?
  9. From what i remember hearing is that they fought alot cause he was hardly home, she bergan drinking more, stopped letting him touch her.. Blah blah. Who knows how much of it is true. There is word Cena cheated as well. Who really knows. I think they just got married out of common relations and lust, not friendship and love.
  10. I agree. I never understood why they even try to date outside of the business, its to hard on the relationship to be apart so many days. There is too much room for "what ifs". I guess there are a few that did work out though like Orton and Jericho's marriages.
  11. Idk much about Orton/jericho's relationships, but the example that comes to my mind is Mick Foley & his wife. I know she wasn't involved w/ wrestling in any way, stays at home and raises kids and they seem really happy and have been together forever.
  12. Have you seen her though? He married way out of his league, so he made damn sure he keeps her happy and doesn't cheat. Plus she puts up with his insane obsession with Christmas.
  13. I've seen her but can't remember what she looks like really.
  14. :true:

    I forgot about him. I think Kane and his wife also been together for a long long time as well.
  15. to be fair though Foley comes across as such a genuine fun guy yo be around that his wife may just be into that. He's like the lovable goof ball.
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  16. I can picture him being a very lovable man and friend. My husband did a radio show with him & had dinner with him from doing indie wrestling and he said he is one the nicest most relaxed, fun guy he's been around his whole life.
  17. Thats the picture I get from reading his books and seeing him on tv. So yes is wife is very good looking but she obvs goes with her heart and likes jolly old Mick for his cracking personality. It's nice to see.
  18. Its almost like she got the better end of the deal... A faithful, loving man. :yay:
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  19. Meh don't really care, I suppose she could sue WWE though if they continued to let Ryback(or whoever runs his Twitter) tweet that kind of stuff. It was pretty funny though, and I'll admit I marked a bit, but at the same time it was a childish tweet, even though I'm sure that's what they were aiming for. I can see they really want Ryback to be a heel superstar.
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