News Reason Why WWE Had Baron Corbin Cash In & Lose Against Mahal

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  1. As seen on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live, Baron Corbin cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against Jinder Mahal and ended up losing.

    Bryan Alvarez discussed this topic on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live and mentioned that there is actually some backstage heat on Baron Corbin and this could have attributed to WWE deciding on a failed cash in attempt Tuesday night.

    Alvarez says the heat has to do with Corbin’s recent actions on Twitter. It’s being said that Corbin went at it with a few people over the last couple of weeks on the social media site, with one of them being Dave Meltzer. Baron has also reportedly blocked individuals that work for WWE.

    Corbin’s actions didn’t go over too well with people within WWE and his push within the company could be on the back burner. We will keep you updated if we hear anything else.

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