Reasons I hate UPS....

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  1. 1. There haven't delivered my stuff yet and it is closing in on the end of the delivery day! :angry:
  2. UPS fucked me over twice. Last time was a hoodie I bought from American Eagle, you know, for winter and all. Never came. Didn't even get a refund.

    FedEx is >>>>>>>
  3. Fedex sucks too, I guess it depends on where you live. I live in a hole area so most people have trouble even finding this house lol
  4. FedEx has never fucked me over though. The other time UPS screwed me FedEx gave me a free year of XBL with my game. Granted it was probably the company, but I want to believe it was FedEx.
  5. They must be nicer in your area than here then. They usually throw the packages at the side door and run. I think most of them are afraid of the dogs tho haha
  6. Royal Mail once left a package for me in my wheely bin on collection day. Took me an age to prove that it had been taken away to the tip and get it replaced. I swear they do it just for giggles sometimes.
  7. All delivery companies are terrible.
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  8. Sure seems that way. Someone once left something very small and expensive in an envelope, just in the middle of my driveway on a windy day... uggg Good thing I checked.
  9. It really does. I know a company called Yodel in the UK are renowned for how badly they treat packages. I've heard tales of them leaving stuff underneath parked cars, and dumped in flower beds and gardens.
  10. Hermes are consistently terrible. They tend to never bother trying to see if I'm home, dump the package in the office of my apartment complex and not bother leaving a card.

    One delivery guy rang me and made me go out to him since he 'didn't have time' to get his lazy self out of the van.
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  11. Damn that is awful!
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    That's why I go with the always handy USPS.
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  13. I haven't had any bad experiences with UPS so far.
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  14. Same here.
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  15. Oh yay good for you guys, how bout you get married in the back of a UPS truck!? :finger:
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  16. Just use USPS. It's almost 100% guaranteed to work since it's funded by the government. You don't get your package; You sue Uncle Sam. :dealwithit:
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  17. I don't always get the option of choosing. Most of the time they (the company) choose for me... which is unfortunate.
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  18. Don't buy anything online. Go to a store and use those lard sticks you call legs and buy something you slimey bastard :austin2:
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