Reasons I haven't been on much...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. You may have noticed... I went from being on here everyday to every other day to sometimes not for days at a time. Why?

    Black Ops 2 for one. I play that game almost every day and I actually enjoy the Zombie mode which I never thought I would have liked. Also, Been doing a lot of Christmas stuff... Shopping, wrapping gifts, ect. ect. I was also on a Nip Tuck kick and watched all of them over the course of 2 weeks. lol Oh, and I did my Spring cleaning. I, for some reason, do Spring cleaning in late Fall. I am weird. No need to tell me. I started selling some of my charms/jewelry as well so I been busy doing orders with that and such. I will try to be more active after Christmas. I'm sure you guys haven't missed me too much though.

  3. :yay:
  4. No one did. Hannah is lying.
  5. :finger::sad1:
  6. Did you make your sig?
  7. :yes:
  8. Don't get all excited. I'm just asking cause it looks gay.
  9. Wow, so maybe you should use it because you look mighty gay yourself. :pity:
  10. [​IMG] Nigga please!
  11. I ain't yo nigga!
  12. Yah youz are dawg! :booker:
  13. Missed you, brah :sad1:
  14. I tweeted your sig because it reminded me of this one time at the store this guy kept staring at me like that and it creeped me out. lol
  15. That was probably me

  16. Unless your a chubby 40 something year old man... I don't think so. lol
  17. This.

    It was also weird because I was just talking to Hannah today and it made me realize you disappeared all of the sudden, lol.
  18. The crazy ones are the first to be noticed disappearing. LOL :pity::otunga:
  19. Wonder who's next... :willis:
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