Reasons The IWC Sucks And Reasons The Attitude Era Is Overrated

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Now, to all you Attitude Era marks, no, I'm not saying the Attitude Era was bad, I'm just saying that people think the Attitude Era was so amazing, comparing it to the "PG" Era. Here's why that's a stupid thing to do. Also why the Internet Wrestling Community sucks.

    1) Cena haters.
    This was the first thing that I thought of. I'm not a Cena fan. I respect John Cena, he works hard, but I'm not a fan of his current gimmick and I think his wrestling skills could be better. But people just really don't understand business. John Cena is Vince McMahon's biggest money maker and has been for years. The fact that people are saying "Cena is crap, why is he on TV? He's worthless". Tell that to Vince McMahon. He'll laugh in your stupid face. Another point on this is people who say "John go kill yourself", grow up. That's too far. You don't like John Cena, but wishing death upon him is ridiculous. Think about all the wishes he's granted. Think about all the sick kids who are probably going to die sooner than later that he's visited and made their dreams come true. Just because you find someone boring doesn't mean they should die. I could go on about why the majority of Cena haters are hypocrites/idiots/bandwagoners but it's 10 past midnight and I still have a lot to cover.

    2) Retarded people and their retarder opinions.
    Out of all the time I've spent on this Earth some of the stupidest, most ignorant, most idotic things I've ever seen have been from wrestling fans on the internet. Things like how John Cena sucks at wrestling as a face, but when he's a heel he's suddenly so much better in the ring, how "no one cares that RVD's returning and that, overnight, all the WWE fans will turn to TNA and WWE will go out of business in a few months", and particularly overrating the Attidude Era. People say that the Attitude Era was so much better than the PG Era, simply because there was swearing and blood. No. The reason the Attitude Era semmed so awesome was because access to the internet was a lot more limited back then. You didn't see people posting "omg stone cold sux as a wrestler and rocks gimmick is gay", you couldn't sign into Youtube and watch a video of some overweight hairy 22 year old complain about how every single thing sucks. You couldn't see people post "lol the attitude era has nothing on the golden era bro hulk hogan >>>>>>>>>>>> sotne cold". Now you can see all this and it affects averyone. It pisses people off, and takes their enjoyment out of the product. If the IWC didn't exist, everything would be so much more unpredictable, exciting etc. Now there are idiots posting spoilers without warning "hi guys wassup btw cena wins the rumble", and people just sucking the fun out of everything. I was pretty excited when RVD's return video package aired at Payback. Then I saw all these people posting about how RVD is shit and how no one likes him and how everyone will turn to TNA. All these people do is complain and complain. It's depressing and it amkes this era feel worse than it actually is.

    3) Stubborn assholes.
    Even when you prove someone wrong, they'll keep arguing their stupid-ass point, and probably also throw in a "yeah and i fucked ur mom" or "at least im not a faggot" insult because they're incredibly original. Even when you provide them with proof that Christian never won the tag titles with Mr. Perfect, or The Rock didn't debut in 1985, they'll still argue their stupid point, making them and the IWC in general look more and more stupid.

    4) Stereotypes and "Wrestling is fake"ers
    The typical stereotype o9f an internet wrestling fan is an overwight, greasy-haired teenage-early 20s guy who sits on his computer all day eating crisps and pizza, complaining about fucking everything. Why? Because that's what the majority of the IWC are. Also, trolls that sit on their computer all day, going on Youtube videos and posting "fake and gay". It pisses everyone off and, once again, makethe IWC look bad.

    That's all I have to say about that. I fricking hate the IWC (not insulting you guys) and I wish I was never part of it, I'd enjoy wrestling so much more. I might try and get away from it a bit. Stop using facebook and Twitter so much, and stop looking at comments on wrestling Youtube videso, as the majority of the time that's wHere I find the stupidest stuff.

    Do any of you agree with me? Do you think the IWC is terrible? Do you like it? Do you even care? Post below.
  2. IWC is awesome and this thread sucks.
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  3. What the IWC hate about John Cena is not John himself but the fact that he has been shoved down fans' throats over the last decade with recurring WWE title runs and consistently main eventing PPVs. In that time he has done everything asked of him and made the company a ton of money. I don't think many people actually hate John Cena.

    Points 2, 3 and 4 could apply to society in general rather than the IWC specifically.
  4. I've seen many people go way too far with Cena hate. It's probably calmed down over the last couple of years though, but during Cena in his prime, people were going overboard lol.
  5. Still sucks.
  6. I agree with what you said about Cena. He's a great guy so i'm told.
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  7. I never ever experience half of the things that you're talking about in this rant (e.g. Attitude Era dick riders/people who constantly remind you that wrestling is fake). Whereabouts are you getting this experience? The WWE Fan Nation Facebook page?

    The most ironic thing about your whole rant here is that your name is "Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan" when the Punk and Ziggler fans/marks (not all of them) seem to be the worst people to discuss with in all of the IWC because they think they have the right to be self righteous and nut hug Punk and Ziggler on the count of them being "good workers".

  8. Colt Cabana said he's a dick, fuck all them stories about him helping the terminally ill. :cornette:
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  9. The Attitude Era WAS awesome. I agree that people might overrate it a bit and I don't think a lot of that stuff holds up very well today but there was a reason why ratings and buy rates and attendance was a lot higher then than it is now. And honestly, smarks didn't completely knock the product a whole lot back then either. They generally loved Vince Russo and praised him when he was the head writer of WWF at the time. (My, how times have changed.) I know it's because there wasn't as many people posting on the internet back then but still.

    I think a lot of the complaining comes from the fact that fans on the internet are generally hardcore fans and they/we expect much more out of the product than the average fan would. I do agree with the general populace of the IWC sometimes, but then there are people who (as you said) don't give guys like Cena his due, people who give guys like Ziggler and others too much praise and people who are set in their way of thinking and will continue to be even when shown they're wrong or being illogical. But ultimately, I still don't think the IWC is quite as bad as some make us out to be. There are more people on the internet than there's ever been and several of them/us are actually intelligent beings and not just basement dwellers, as we're often stereotyped.
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  10. Wow, what a fantastic point. Any more bullshit you'd like to spew? You're seriously using my username to try and prove a point? Tell you what, go and find one, just one, post in which I've acted self-rightiously or "nut hugged" either of them and then I'll take your moronic argurent into consideration. And as for your other pointless remark about you never experiencing it (which must mean it doesn't exist), the two examples you gave are by far the two most popular. Where do I find it? I've already mentioned that multiple times, and even if I didn't it shouldn't take a bloody genius to figure that one out. Where do you think, the Justin Bieber fanpage?
  11. I think it was a great era, but I do think everybody rides it to much on other places like Facebook or Youtube. They seem to think one cause of non PGness will result in the return of the Attitude Era. What made the Attitude Era great was how everybody wasn't relying on the script, the characters were something they could easily relate to, and it had very little limits. The promos of the Attitude Era were great, but the matches in my opinion weren't always the best. I think the Ruthless Aggression era is the best era. It had great wrestling, great characters, good promos and backstage segments, and the brand split made each show unique, like if it was actually two companies.

  12. No need to get so self defensive, young padawan, I never said that you in particular nut hugged, I said that Punk/Ziggler fans are bigger nut huggers than anyone else in the IWC and that it was ironic you for someone with your name to call out what's wrong with the IWC.

    The only time I ever see/hear people calling wrestling fake and gay is when I'm around people who don't like it. I don't think that you can put people who don't watch or enjoy wrestling into the IWC and people like that aren't hard to avoid online. Odds are that you're lurking around the wrong places for a discussion if all that you find is people calling it fake and gay, people like that really aren't hard to avoid.

    Also for every "Attitude Era Mark" there's someone like you who denounces it completely. Feel free to be that dude who never stops complaining, but you don't help the IWC anymore than the "marks" do.
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  13. 1) Cena is the only wrestler who's been progressively worse since debuting. While i agree with being overboard about it, there is some logic behind the hate.
    2) I don't think people's opinions sway others. They're just speaking their minds about things. I think diverse opinions are one of the few things good about the IWC.
    3) Agreed
    4) Minus the overweight you just described me, thanks PAZF :downer:
  14. Sorry about that, I think I'd had a bit to drink when i posted this. :L I will try to be civilised from now on. ... No guarantees, though. :stfu:
    I wouldn't say someone complaining about the state of the IWC with the user name "Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan" is ironic. If it was "PunkAxelZiggler_TheBest" or "Punk_Axel_Ziggler_BestInWWE". My username just states that I am a fan of them, it by no means says that I think they're the best wrestlers in the company, best in the world or whether they're better than other superstars, just that I am a fan of them.

    The place I find all these "Wrestling is gay" posts are on Youtube wrestling videos. Personally, and also believed my many others, anyone who discusses professional wrestling over the internet is apart of the Internet Wrestling Community. These people love to post on wrestling videos, where, of course, there will be wrestling fans, to piss them off. These people talk about wrestling over the internet, therefore being a part of the IWC, therefore making it bad.

    And I don't complain all the time. Complaining all the time is something I list as being wrong with the IWC. I always try to find the positives in things, if Cena wins at the PPV, oh well, at least it was a good match, or at least he'll probably face Daniel Bryan next month, etc. I have no problem with people occassionally complaining about something they dislike, but constantly complaining just makes you look like an attention whore and depresses everyone. Also, if you find that you'RE complaining constantly about literally everything in WWE, maybe it's time you STOPPED WATCHING.
  15. Not going to argue most of your points as they're true to some people, although I think you generalized it a but too much. Although the RVD hate is caused by the fact that people who have been watching TNA know that nowadays he isn't what he used to be. He can wrestle hardcore matches alright still, but as far as singles matches go he's gotten very slow and formulaic these days.
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    Think most of us here think "Fuck I hate this on-screen John Cena character so much, even though he's a pretty swell guy and I get why the kids like him and why they push him. Still, sigh."
    There's plenty of reasons to not like Cena, but to wish death on the guy? Lolno.

    "Wrestling is fake" = stupid trolls, not the IWC.

    To be completely honest, I saw some episodes of the Attitude Era as a kid, but don't remember them. Outside of highlights I've seen recently I never saw it, but I'll agree the AE marks are annoying. The Attitude Era worked in the 90's and there's some concepts that'll work today, more freedom on the mic, more innovative concepts, etc. People complain about PG killing the product, the lack of chair shots, there not being any boobs anymore... I disagree that any of this is killing the wrestling business (but wouldn't mind more boobs). It's a different world. When I see a chair shot to the head now, I worry about the dude because of concussions. Who in their right mind would blade? That's just sick, When I see a dude falling off scaffolding, I think "Holy shit, he has some balls to take that... but really, what suicidal maniac would do something like that? We know what's going on now! If we see a crazy run-in we don't call "unpredictable TV" we call "OH SHIT IT'S VINCE RUSSO! OH WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ALL ABOUT". It's an ultra-PC world now, and WWE's changed with the times.

    Yeah the PG Era hasn't been great, but there's plenty of good stuff you can do with that rating. Hell KLockard wrote a way to do the entire nWo angle under the PG Banner.
  17. I couldnt care less what era we are in tbh. Its not PG that ruins the show its the fucking writers and how Vince believes we still want to see Hogan type guys, Theres no lack of talent because just look at some of the guys on the roster: Orton, Bryan, Ziggler, Axel, Punk, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Cesaro, Swagger, Rhodes, Christian I can go on for days. The Attitude Era was mainly to get WWF back on top so it doesnt surprise me it ended not long after he bought WCW. The Attitude Era was one of the biggest points in pro wrestling so to say its overrated isnt really true. The era was spectacular.
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  18. Great point. Is this the best collection of in-ring talent we've ever had? And most of them are getting pushed, too.
    There was a lot of garbage brawls in the AE, big man matches before that... The Ruthless Aggression era had a bunch of great workers, but they really seem to be going in that direction nowadays.

  19. Nitro was PG the entire time NWO was going on, brother.
  20. Note: Forgot Tyson Kidd on the short talent list

    RA Era wasnt my favourite in any way, I only really liked 2003, 2006 cause of Edge Vs Cena and some of 2007 but I may be missing stuff. Look at NXT they are doing great down there and HHH is running it there I believe, I really hope Vince retires soon because 1. He is getting too old for the stress of running that place and 2. HHH can bring in so fresh ideas and stuff. And I also think the Cena Hate is a bit unfair as recently I started thinking that it isnt really his fault he is stuck with a stale gimmick and being pushed to the moon and im sure the guy would gladly put people over.
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