Reasons why Sin Cara doesn't get the ovation he should

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  1. 1. His theme music is boring. If I were to describe it, it sounds like the theme for a pastor who became a superhero. It may not seem like much but theme songs are important to a crowd pop. (Why Daniel Bryan's "Flight of the Valkeries" was remixed)
    2. He can't speak english so he really can't do a promo.
    3. He loses to guys like Alberto Del Rio when it should be the other way around.
    4. Never had a title in WWE
  2. 1) Meh, he used to get big reactions so that's not it.
    2) Same applies.
    3) Not if he's not in any decent storylines.
    4) #1 applies.

    The reason is because he's lost all momentum. He had weeks of flawless performances and wowing the crowd. Since then he's been injured twice and slowed down dramatically and is constantly botching. I blame that to be honest.
  3. ADR > Cara, are you kidding dude? Hunico > cara. He doesnt get an ovation because he is 5ft 8 and has an extremely pathetic moveset lately.
  4. Alberto Del Rio knows only has 5 things to say (destiny, chihuhuas, pesants, whirl heabyweigh title, hooligans) in a promo so he's basically at the same level of Sin Cara. His move set is extremely boring. He has the enziguri, armbar, arm breaker, and some petty kicks. Aside from that all he does his push and shove. Sure he's not a bad wrestler, but he's not at the level in which he's being pushed at. I think Cara has a more entertaining moveset, now if only he could learn english :downer:

    Hunico I will agree is better than Sin Cara. It's a shame they got him jobbing as a stereotypical mexican. :sad:
  5. Cara is one of the reasons smackdown isn't live. Ryback is another (cheers). ADR is awesome in the ring, his character has a shitty push, but how many stars can we honestly say that for? He is far from alone in being pushed the opposite way the fans want.
  6. Indeed, I've seen his botchiness (but that comes along with the moves he uses, what high flyer doesn't here and there) and along with the editing out of goldberg chants. Eh I just feel that alberto missed out on the opportunity to climb his way to where he was. Alberto could have had a great run as the US or IC champ and developed himself more. I tend not to like superstars who get things in a rather short amount of time (Sheamus)
  7. I think the crowd has basically figured him out. He was brought in and seen as this amazing high-flyer who can do all these innovative things in the ring, but... other than the retarded flippy arm-bar thing and the silly springboard elbow, what amazing high-flying moves does he do on a consistent basis? (Not counting suicide dives and dropkicks everyone does)
  8. High flying cross body (idk if that'd count as a suicide dive since he does it from the turnbuckle), headscissors takedown, tilt-a-whirl takedown, springboard crossbody from the ropes into the ring, springboard frankensteiner. He also varies his matches by adding some unique ways of avoiding moves.
  9. Rey > Cara. There are a ton of high flyers like Kidd who get no credit, while cara keeps sucking it up.
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  10. Why 'should' Sin Cara get ovations? You either get over or you don't, nobody is owed anything.
  11. Ok now your just pulling my leg with Rey. Rey hasn't been good since before his first of many knee surgeries. I like Rey but even I have to say that his ability has decreased. Maybe if this was 06' I would have agreed with you. Not saying that Rey can't hold his own in the ring because he still has great matches, but if you wanna base it on that high flyer style Cara has him beat. Kidd is awesome so i'm not even touching that. It's important to remember that Cara was already star before he came to WWE and even now I wouldn't call the lack of an ovation "sucking it up"
  12. Rey isnt great anymore, that was part of my point. The old timers are soaking up all the TV time for guys who make it look amazing. I hope you watch TNA, that shit is where it's at.
  13. i tried TNA a couple times, but i just can't bring myself to watch it weekly. I watch enough to just barely know what's going on.
  14. Bobby Roode vs AA is MotY.
  15. On youtube?
  16. It's on there. Destination X, two parts.
  17. I like the guy, his outfits are cool and stuff and his moveset is good (when he's on par).

    I don't think it has anything to do with the above points, that he isn't getting an ovation. Before CM Punk won a title everyone loved him.
  18. He deserves? He deserves nothing. The dude is boring, has no charisma and botches every other move.
  19. I think it's because of the move set, not being in a good feud, and not cutting promos. At first his moves were pretty amazing, everyone was wowed by it, but now it's just the same thing so it got boring. He's not in a good feud, so it's just like he's there to wrestle randomly with no purpose right now. Finally he doesn't cut promos, he doesn't get any mic time and that can affect any feud he'll be in, even the Miz gets a reaction because of his time on the mic. I think those are the things that keep Sin Cara from getting an ovation.
  20. He's been injured twice because WWE performers are too slow for Cara.
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