Reasons You Would Change The Channel

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. When watching Raw...
    What would make you change the channel or walk out of the room?

    For me... Miz TV. I pretty much stop paying attention or walk out of the room.
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  2. The bad divas, anything involving Tons of Funk or any other comedy things. Boring matches.
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  3. MizTV,and, any segments involving Khali,Hornswoggle,Tons of Funk,or, AJ Lee.
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  4. Tons of Chunk is pretty awful :eww:
  5. I don't change the channel because of anything, I just mute the TV or just turn my attention to something else (I'm usually surfing the internet in my room while watching Raw anyhow.) I press the mute button or turn my attention away from The Miz unless he has an interesting guest for MizTV, I ignore most all Divas segments unless it's AJ or Katilyn (I completely muted and ignored the Total Divas hype segment last week), I ignore Raw whenever there's a boring or meaningless match on (like Sheamus/Del Rio last week), I ignore any sort of stupid and unfunny comedy, etc.
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  6. I ignore Miz TV, Sheamus matches, pointless comedy segments, and All the painful Total Divas ads. I've been getting loads of them on YouTube.
  7. MizTV, Just MizTV.
  8. Sheamus isn't too bad, I wouldn't change the channel then.

    Tons of Funk comes on, I grab something to eat/drink.
  9. Sheamus matches, Axel matches, Tons of Funk/pointless comedy segments and when there's just some pointless crap match on, i'll skip it.
  10. Just some Sheamus matches I don't want to watch. It depends who he's facing.
  11. Am I the only one who likes MizTV? :alone: (Or at least tolerates it. Depends on the people.)

    Whenever a meaningless match I don't care about is on, then I'll mute it and post stupid crap in the discussion thread, but not actually change the channel since a good segment will come up soon. Sometimes the show's just awful and there's hockey or monday night football on so I'd happily turn that on, although the entire MNF lineup this year looks like ass.
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  12. FTJ making his debut. Naked. Against Bo Dallas. For the Divas champ
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  13. Knowing Bob Van Dam will be there is reason enough to don't watch the whole show.
  14. I don't necessarily hate it,it just depends on the people like you said. There have been some good ones involving people like Heyman,and,Lesnar and then there have been some that were absolutely horrid like the one last week.
  15. I actually don't change the channel. I always stay on it, even if it's something shitty like Khali, since I'm hoping something bad might happen to him. I marked when Jinder was bitch slapping him :yay:
  16. My attention span for raw is very little, if I get bored at any point I turn it off.
  17. When Punk starts trying to be a hard ass
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  18. +1
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  19. I really don't.
  20. Cena promos,
    Miz tv,
    Vicky Guerro,
    Jerichos talk show thing aswell depending on the guests.
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