WrestleMania Rebooking Some Things...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lockard 23, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Now that The Miz and Wade Barrett has been made for Wrestlemania, it got me thinking - even though the Intercontinental Title is supposed to be at a higher level than the United States Championship, the latter is certainly looking more prestigious these days. Not much more, since Caesro is almost treated like a jobber whenever he isn't winning successful title defenses (and because of jobbing in non-title defenses, his whole interesting "No American Can Beat Me" is already long out the window), but more.

    And yet, it is the IC Title that is to be defended on the big show, while Caesro has to settle for a title defense against low carder R-Truth on the pre-show. What happened to Caesro's feud with The Miz, which actually had some steam to it and felt like a legitimate feud that people were actually interested in? And what does it really do for Barrett to score a victory over Miz, who is just coming off a feud where he failed to win another championship?

    Personally, I'd rather they booked it as Barrett defending against Jericho and Caesro defending against The Miz. The reasons why are simple. With the IC Title, you could play up the fact that Jericho is the record holder in terms of the number of IC Titles he's won. Just like a couple of weeks ago on Raw, you could play up the fact that Jericho is looking to add one more title to his repertoire and also looking at this to be an example of the teacher teaching the student a few lessons, since Jericho was Barrett's main teacher in NXT, if I recall. And since we know Jericho is jobbing anyway, at least he's jobbing to a guy who can then say he beat the teacher and the guy who's held more IC championships than anyone. I know Fandango can say the same, but Barrett's the one with a title that should be made to look important here. With Caesro/Miz, you have a feud with about two months of backstory, but they killed it earlier, probably before they were even sure what the final card would even be, judging by some things. They could have kept this up till Mania, and had the final blow off match there.

    This way, you get two feuds with logic to them and in matches that don't feel completely thrown together (like Jericho/Fandango and Barrett/Miz does) and you get both championships on the show, thus making the titles feel important as well.

    But where does Fandango fit in the middle of it all? I wouldn't have seen the problem with them just holding off his debut until after Wrestlemania. They usually hold off on debuting superstars until after Wrestlemania, because it's a way of putting new faces out there once Wrestlemania season is over and the 'new year' (many have always seen the post-Wrestlemania period as the real fresh start of a new year for WWE) has begun. If they had held off his debut until after, then I'd have to think these two matches would have been obvious shoe-ins for the event. I can kind of understand the logic of wanting him to score a big victory on the big show, but I still think the alternative (i.e the above paragraph) is better.

    Of course, this isn't the only thing I would rebook going into Wrestlemania, but that's a long post for another day.
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  2. I completely agree. I've spent a few minutes trying to think of anything I could potential add to this thread and have came up with absolutely nothing. So I just liked your post instead of adding any note-worthy content to the discussion.
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  3. Too logical for WWE.

    Great thread though I agree with all of it.
  4. That'd involve getting Barrett over, logic, a long feud with a good blow-off match and Vince's favorite (Fandango) losing a chance to be at WM. They wouldn't do it. Obviously I agree with you though
  5. The Cesaro thing yet another great idea but ballsed up by WWE.
  6. There isn't many things more awesome on WWEF than seeing KLockard fantasy-book WWE.
    Then there aren't many things much worse than standing up and remembering he's not actually booking this show.
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  7. Personally,I would prefer Fandango to make his debut after WM,I like him but he's wasting one of the guys who could steal the show.
    First of all, I would have let Jericho win the IC champ at RAW and then have a Triple treat match at WM or even just Barret.
    Miz its a hard guy to book...I could let him feud with Fand. but Miz losing to a rookie would bury him and Fand. losing would hurt his debut as well.
    Then, keep Curtis till after WM,and let Miz win over Cesaro for the USA champ.Maybe Christian would be a good contender for Fandango...
    About the main events...There are so many things I would have change,but I guess those matches where booked one year ago...
    Its a shame the role Ziggler is playing here, I would have prefer Big E vs kane and ZIgg vs Bryan (Hell no would have slpit at EC).
  8. An alternate idea could have been combining these two feuds (Barrett/Jericho and Caesro/Miz) into a tag team match at Wrestlemania and then just doing the blow off singles matches for both at Extreme Rules the following month. The tag match could have stated that both titles would still be on the line and whoever pinned Barrett would be IC Champ or whoever pinned Caesro would be US Champ (though booking wise, they would win and retain both belts.) Would also save time by having it be all in one match instead of stretched out over two. I even imagine a segment a week before Mania where Jericho and Miz actually have a one night thing where their respective talk shows are combined (don't know what to call that) and they invite both champions as their guests on the show and a big brawl erupts and stuff.
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