Rebooking WCW from 1995 to 2001

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  1. Hello guys, as you can see from thread title, I'm going to re-book WCW in Monday Night Wars timetable. I hope you will enjoy it :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, September 4th, 1995
    This is the very first episode of WCW Nitro, in an attempt to overtake the struggling WWF product. These initial versions of Nitro were all live, one-hour shows.

    Originally, Eric Bischoff/Mongo/Bobby Heenan were doing commentary, but having in mind Mongo's ugly commentary skills, he will not be commentating. It's only Bischoff and Heenan.

    Live from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mall of America.

    1st Match: “Flyin'” Brian Pillman Vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger. Highlights of the match:

    • Liger with a somersault moonsault onto Pillman on the floor.
    • Pillman with a suplex on the floor.
    • Liger attempts a German suplex but Pillman reverses into a rollup… 1-2-3

    Winner: Brian Pillman. I haven't changed this match, because in my opinion, it wasn't only the best match of the night, but it also was the best what happened on the show that night.


    2nd Match: Ric Flair Vs U.S Champion Sting, for the Title. Highlights of the match:

    • No Gorilla Press Slam's from Sting, maybe at least one, cover, 2-count..
    • Arn Anderson interferes, distracts Sting, Flair low blows Sting from behind, rolls him up, 1-2.. STING KICKS OUT!
    • Flair places Sting in the Figure Four leg lock and Sting is trying to turn over, Flair has the ropes, and has to break the hold, but ref didn't saw it and Sting taps out to Flair.
    Winner, and NEW U.S Champion: Ric Flair. After the match, Arn Anderson comes in to the ring, to congratulate Flair, and after raising his hand up, clotheslines him to hell.. The match itself was poor, Sting selled moves poorly, if selled at all..

    Scott Norton makes his debut by coming to the commentary area and Savage comes from behind and challenges Norton to a fight next week. Norton accepts.

    Clips of what Sabu has done in ECW is shown… he will be making his TV debut next week.


    3rd Match: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan w/Jimmy Hart vs Big Bubba Rogers for the Title. Highlights of the Match:

    • Rogers sends Hogan into a corner and charges, but Hogan gets a boot up, which totally missed Rogers so they did it again.
    • Rogers slides to the outside and begins to stalk Jimmy Hart. Hogan takes advantage of that, and attacks him from behind.
    • Hogan with a scoop slam, 2 elbow drops and a boot scrape.
    • Hogan begins to “Hulk Up”
    • Hogan with right hands, goes for the Big Boot and Leg Drop of Doom, but Rogers catches Hogan coming off the ropes and hits a side slam. 1-2..3!!
    Winner, and NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Big Bubba Rogers!! What an upset! After the match, Dungeon of Doom comes in to the ring to attack upset Hogan, which was about to shake Roger's hand. Randy Savage runs in to equalize situation, but gets beat down too.. and then LEX LUGER shows up, and single handedly beats Dungeon of Doom out of the ring. Luger takes mic and says: "I'm sick and tired of playing with little boys... I WANT TO PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS!". Savage looks a little bit suspicious about this. Luger says, I want a World Title shot next week! Shakes hands with Rogers and they agree to a Title Match next week, but Hogan says, I'm using my rematch clause, so it's going to be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH next week live on Nitro.

    And that's it for this episode.

    Let me know, what do you think about this episode, what would you do differently and etc. :emoji_slight_smile:

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  3. WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, September 11th, 1995

    Hogan/Luger/Rogers headline this week's one-hour Nitro…
    Pillman/Liger was the only decent match from last week. Liger wouldn’t be on here since he is most likely back in Japan, but how about Pillman? Let's start this show.

    1st Match: Sabu vs Alex Wright. Match Highlights:

    • Scoop slam by Wright on Sabu and a few kicks, going for the pin, Sabu kicks out at 1 and half.
    • Wright leaps to the top turnbuckle and flips over Sabu and connects with a German suplex... 2 count
    • Wright goes to the top rope again, but Sabu also goes up top and gets on Wright’s shoulders and they drop down and Sabu has Wright in a pinning predicament. 1-2-3.
    • Winner: Sabu. After the match, Sabu for some reason, continued to attack Wright and grabbed a Table. Sabu sets the table up in the aisle way, places Wright on it, goes up top and connects with the leg drop. E-C-DUB! EC-DUB!
    Up next, Ric Flair's promo.


    Ric Flair is in the ring, flashing his newly won U.S Title. He says that the title is finally where it belongs - on his waist. But he wants to talk about Anderson. He calls him betrayer and attention w***e and calls him to the ring. Anderson comes out on a stage, and simply challenges Flair for his Title at Fall Brawl. Flair says that Anderson is not worth a shot. Anderson runs in to the ring, but Flair escapes to locker room.

    2nd Match: Sting vs Michael Wall Street. Match Highlights:

    • Sting's very angry, that he lost U.S Title, so he simply dominated the whole match..
    • Sting climbs up top and connects with a flying cross body 1-2-3.
    Winner: Sting.


    This week on Saturday Night, Debut of Disco Inferno, Renegade Vs Maxx Muscle, Big Bubba Vs Dave Sullivan, and Brian Pillman Vs Alex Wright.

    3rd Match: Scott Norton vs Randy Savage. Match Highlights:
    • Savage with a knee lift to the back, and sends Norton into a corner and begins to deliver jabs.
    • Savage climbs up top and connects with the flying elbow drop. 1-2-3.
    Winner: Randy Savage. After the match, Norton is showed in backstage, arguing with DoD.

    4th Match: Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger vs WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Bubba Rogers. Match Highlights:
    • Hogan with a few right hands to Rogers, big boot and leg drop… But the Dungeon of Doom come to the ring, and attacked Hogan. Luger tried to fight them back, but failed too. Rogers pinned Hogan, and retained the title.
    Winner: Big Bubba Rogers. After the match, Mean Gene interviews Hogan, who accused Luger of being associated with DoD. Savage and Sting come out to calm down Hogan, but Luger attacks them with DoD's help. Luger is the newest member of DoD. 4 members from DoD will face Hogan, Savage and Sting, if they won't find 4 member for the team.

    And that's it for tonight's show

    Let me know, what do you think about this re-booking thread, what would you do differently and etc..

  4. WCW Fall Brawl 1995 - Sunday, September 17th, 1995
    Flair's title defense and WarGames are hyped up for tonight's PPV.
    We are live from Asheville, North Carolina.

    1st Match: "Flyin'" Brian Pillman Vs Johnny B. Badd - Match to determine the #1 contender for the US Title. Match Highlights:

    • Shoulder block by Pillman, a few leap frogs, and a double's a standstill.
    • Johnny sends Pillman into the ropes and Pillman connects with a variation of a clothesline to the arm to take Johnny down.
    • Arm wrench by Johnny, Pillman drop toeholds Johnny and places him in an impressive rollup... 2 count
    • Pillman acting a little like a bad guy. A few chops, he sends Johnny into the ropes and Johnny connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker... 2 count.
    • Johnny leaps over the top and connects with a leg drop... 2 count.
    • Johnny goes up and leaps off and Pillman connects with a dropkick to the ribs... 2 count.
    • Johnny takes down Pillman with Facebuster, goes for the cover.. 2 count. Johnny think he won, but Pillman's foot was under the ropes.
    • Johnny tries for a power bomb but Pillman reverses into a hurricanrana... 2 count.
    • Both men duck clotheslines and go for cross bodies and connect... Johnny falls on top of Pillman... 1-2-3.
    Winner: Johnny B. Badd. Notes: Pillman delivered.. again. He has the momentum, and has the talent to reach the top.

    Mean Gene interviews Flair backstage about his upcoming title defense.

    Originally, next match was Sgt. Craig Pittman Vs Cobra, but I'm going to replace Cobra with Dean Malenko. Squash match, about 2 - 3 mins long, Malenko wins. Just a filler match, to hype and give momentum to Malenko, and I'm giving the fans what they want.

    Video of Paul Orndorff throwing a fit after losing to Randy Savage

    3rd Match: WCW World Television Championship - The Renegade(c) w/ Jimmy Hart Vs "Diamond" Dallas Page w/Maxx Muscle. And I'm adding to the mix none other than.. Eddie Guerrero!. So now it's a Triple Threat Match. Match Highlights:

    • DDP with a Russian leg sweep on Renegade and he goes for the cover... 2 count.
    • Renegade with a clothesline to DDP, and Eddie with the top rope dropkick to Renegade.
    • DDP sends Renegade to the outside, turns around, sees Guerrero coming, tries to clothesline him, but Eddie ducks underneath him, and launches himself over the top rope onto Renegade. Crowd is on fire!
    • DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter but Renegade sends DDP into the turnbuckles, Eddie catches him bouncing back, and does the German Suplex, Renegade comes quickly from behind, does the roll-up, 1-2.. Eddie kicks out!!
    • Renegade prepares for his finisher, Maxx Muscle distracts him and allows DDP to hit him with Diamond Cutter, but Eddie hits DDP with Hurricanrana pin, 1-2..3!!
    Winner, and NEW WCW World TV Champion: Eddie Guerrero.

    4th Match: WCW World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship - Bunkhouse Buck/Dick Slater(c) Vs Harlem Heat. Match Highlights:

    • Booker backs Buck into his corner and both Harlem Heat men double team Buck with knees.
    • Ray head butts Slater in the gut and simply chokes him with his own shirt.
    • Slater with a back suplex on Booker T. 2 count.
    • Buck gets the tag, double boot to the head and both club Booker on the back.
    • Stevie Ray goes for the Big Splash on to Slater, Nasty Boys interfere and attack Harlem Heat.
    Winners by DQ: Harlem Heat. I know that putting the titles on Harlem Heat should be a no-brainer, but I want to give cheap heat to Buck/Slater, add to the mix Nasty Boys as heels, and let Harlem Heat pursuit the titles, get lots of momentum, get the crowd absolutely behind them, and make them greatest tag team of the year.

    After the Match, Mean Gene interviews Harlem Heat, they said that Nasty Boys are going to pay, for what they've done, and after that, we're going to get those Tag Titles.

    Promo for Halloween Havoc.

    Schiavone/Heenan hype Flair upcoming title defense, and WarGames.

    Ric Flair is in the ring. He says that he can't wait to see, who he is going to face tonight for his belt. And he truly believes that isn't Anderson. Mean Gene is showed on titantron somewhere backstage, he says to Flair that he just got informed that Your opponent IS Arn Anderson.

    5th Match: U.S Title Match - Arn Anderson vs Ric Flair. Match Highlights:

    • Intense staredown before the ring bells.
    • Arn with a drop toe hold and he gives a mocking WOOO.
    • Arn places Flair into a sleeper but Flair rams him back first into a corner.
    • Arn with a hammerlock scoop slam.
    • Arn rolls to the outside and he rams Flair’s shoulder into the ring post. He works on Flair's arms.
    • Flair taunts the crowd. Starts choping Anderson.
    • Flair lowers his knee pad and connects with a knee drop.
    • Flair goes for the cover using the ropes for leverage... 2 count... Another 2 count.. Dirtiest player in the game.
    • Arn sends Flair into the corner and connects with a backdrop... 2 count.
    • The referee blocks Arn’s attempt of a closed fist and Flair low blows Arn.
    • Arn rakes Flair on the eyes and back drops Flair on the floor. Storytelling of this match is perfect, the match itself is a classic.
    • Flair with a delayed vertical suplex and both men are down. Crowd chants: THIS IS AWESOME!
    • Arn signals for the DDT, but Flair hangs onto the ropes and does the Flair Flop.
    • Flair goes for the figure four but Arn blocks it for a second by catching Flair's leg with his hand. But Flair eventually gets the hold on. Flair spits at Arn, and that gives Arn motivation as he tries to reverse and does. Flair lets go of the hold.
    • For some reason, Pillman interferes, punches Flair, Flair punches him back, turns around and walks right into a DDT, 1-2-3.
    Winner, and NEW U.S Champion: Arn Anderson. Yep, Pillman push continues.

    Video package of Hogan/Savage/Sting

    Hogan/Savage/Sting are getting interviewed by Gene Okerlund. They say that they have a little surprise for DoD.

    Main Event: WarGames. Hogan/Sting/Savage make their entrance, stops near ring apron, and then Vader music hits.. They found their 4th partner. So now it's Hogan/Sting/Savage/Vader vs Luger/Meng/Kamala/Shark. Other members of DoD interfered a lot outside of the ring. At one moment Vader accidentaly hits Savage with elbow. Luger pins him to win the match. After the match Hogan attacks Sullivan, launches him into the cage wall, but The Giant makes the save and chokes out Hogan. Hogan's neck possibly can be broken.. DoD stands tall at the end of the show.

    And that's it for Fall Brawl 95. Hope You enjoyed it.

  5. WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, September 18th, 1995
    Fall Brawl was last night, and this live one-hour edition of Nitro is the follow-up.
    Hogan appears not to be here tonight because of the injury last night by Giant.
    We go to the ring where the American Males are in the ring awaiting their opponents, The Blue Bloods. Slight problem, Bunkhouse Buck/Dick Slater come out and attack the Blue Bloods. Which leads to...

    1st Match: WCW Tag Team Championship: Bunkhouse Buck/Dick Slater vs American Males. Match Highlights:

    • Riggs and Bagwell connect with a double dropkick.
    • Riggs manages to tag in Bagwell. Bagwell with a dropkick but Slater takes Bagwell down.
    • Harlem Heat runs down, and distracts Buck and Slater.
    • Bagwell with a roll-up pin on Slater.. 1-2-3!!
    Winner, and NEW WCW Tag Team Champions: American Males. Everyone is shocked! Right now we have 4 strong teams, i'm trying to strengthen my Tag Team Division. Buck and Slater wasn't worth to hold the Titles for much longer, but I didn't wanted them to drop those titles to Harlem Heat at Fall Brawl. I want slow build, and big push for Harlem Heat.


    Mean Gene calls for Ric Flair to come out for a interview. Flair says that Anderson broke the code when Pillman came in and interfered during their match last night. Flair says that tonight he is going to chop Pillman so hard that people will be able to hear it in Long Island.

    2nd Match: Paul Orndorff vs Eddie Guerrero. Match Highlights:

    • Orndorff quickly dropkicks Johnny in the left knee and begins to deliver a few boots.
    • Eddie with a hip toss and a body slam.
    • Eddie goes up top and looks for a Frog Splash but Paul gets his knees up... 2 count.
    • Paul also misses a big splash. Eddie fights back with a few hard punches.
    • Eddie leaps over the top rope and connects with a cross body.
    • Eddie with a Frog Splash, this time connects. 1-2-3.
    Winner: Eddie Guerrero.

    Mean Gene calls out Randy Savage for an interview. Randy says that Hogan made a terrible choice by allowing Vader onto the team for War Games since he cost us a match. Vader comes out and says that Savage has his own personal agenda to become World Champion. Savage agrees but still insults Vader. Savage wants to fight Vader right now. Of course nothing happens.


    Clips of Hogan being attacked by The Giant at Fall Brawl last night.

    3rd Match: Brian Pillman vs Ric Flair. Match Highlights:

    • Chops by Flair, boots and a power slam.
    • The "Flair Flip" in a corner and he walks the apron. Flair ducks a clothesline and connects with one of his own.
    • Pillman connects with a dropkick.
    • Pillman sends Flair head first into a ring post on the outside.
    • More chops by Flair and he drops Pillman chest first onto the guard rail.
    • Flair goes for the figure four but Pillman reverses into a cover... 2 count.
    • Flair with a back suplex.
    • Flair goes for the figure four and, after a brief second, Pillman taps out.
    Winner: Ric Flair. After the match, Flair calls out Anderson, but he doesn't appear. Angry Flair is shown on the screen.

    And that's it for tonight's show.

  6. Good show
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  7. Thanks, really appreciate it :emoji_slight_smile: Next episode will come tomorrow morning or on Monday evening.
  8. Do you want me to help out
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  9. I don't know, I'm kinda have it booked already 2-3 months in advance in my mind :emoji_slight_smile: But thanks for the offer.
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    WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, September 25th, 1995
    The Randy Savage/Vader feud is progressing in a fairly good manner.
    We are
    live for tonight's one-hour edition of Nitro.

    1st Match: Alex Wright Vs Disco Inferno. Match Highlights:

    • Wright connects with a spinning heel kick... 2 count.
    • Disco messes up a belly-to-belly suplex and delivers forearm drops onto Wright.
    • Disco with a short clothesline.
    • The crowd really starts to hate Disco. So I decided to skip the rest part of match right to the finish.
    • Wright reverses an attempt of a swinging neck breaker into a backslide... 1-2-3.
    Winner: Alex Wright.

    Hogan is backstage saying that he thought at Fall Brawl his career was all over. Challenges Giant to a match, and if he wins, he'll face Big Bubba Rogers for the WCW World Heavyweight Title.

    Kurasawa Vs Dean Malenko is next!


    Clips of last week where Vader says that Savage is jealous of Vader.

    Savage is back this week and Vader runs down. Vader says that Savage doesn't respect him. Vader says he respects Sting and Hogan, but doesn't respect Savage. Challenges Savage to a match next week. If Vader loses, he is out of WCW. Savage accepts.

    2nd Match: Kurasawa vs Dean Malenko. Match Highlights:

    • Kurasawa with a few kicks to the thighs and to the chest sending Malenko to the outside.
    • Kurasawa with a backdrop onto the concrete floor.
    • Malenko with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.
    • Malenko with a gut wrench suplex.
    • Kurasawa fights back and connects with a German suplex... 1-2-3.
    Winner: Kurasawa.

    Up Next: Randy Savage Vs Kevin Sullivan.
    Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman are in the ring. Pillman calls Flair pathetic and challenges Flair to find a partner and face them in a Tag Team match. Anderson says that the better man won at Fall Brawl. Anderson says he excels in Tag Team matches and Flair doesn't have a chance to win.

    3rd Match: Big Bubba Rogers vs Randy Savage. Match Highlights:

      • Before match Zodiac attacks Savage and sends him into the ring post.
      • Rogers with a few boots and blows to the back of Savage.
      • Rogers with a running boot to the side of the head.
      • Savage fights back, sending Rogers into the turnbuckle.
      • Savage connects with a double axe handle off the top into the ring.
      • Zodiac comes into the ring and accidentaly knocks the referee down.
      • The Giant comes down to the ring. Choke slam on Savage.
      • Here comes Vader. Vader stands over Savage and Vader begins to attack Giant. Giant with a choke slam on Vader.
    Winner: Randy Savage via DQ

    4th Match: Lex Luger vs Sting. Match Highlights:

      • Luger chokes Sting on the ropes.
      • Sting with a piledriver... 2 count.
      • Sting with a snap suplex... 2 count.
      • Luger with a gut wrench gut buster... 2 count.
      • Sleeper hold by Luger.
      • Luger with a running clothesline in the corner but misses. Sting with a Stinger Splash. 1-2-3.
    Winner: Sting.

    More hype for the Vader/Savage match Next Week... Good night.

  11. WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, October 2nd, 1995
    Savage/Vader tonight, where if Vader loses than he is out of WCW.
    We are live from Denver, Colorado for the best one hour of wrestling in the world.

    1st Match: Randy Savage Vs Vader - If Vader loses he is out of WCW. Match Highlights:

    • Lock up and both men are trying to get the advantage.
    • Savage with a back elbow.
    • Vader with a gorilla press slam.
    • Vader blocks a double axe handle with a punch to the midsection.
    • Vader sends Savage shoulder first into the ring post.
    • Savage accidentally sends Vader into the referee.
    • Savage goes up top and connects with the ELBOW DROP. But ref is down.
    • Giant comes down and choke slams Savage. Doesn't touch Vader at all.
    • Savage is out cold. Referee rings the bell.
    Winner: Vader.


    Bischoff/Heenan discuss what the Giant just did.

    2nd Match: Eddie Guerrero Vs Dean Malenko. Match Highlights:

    • Test of strength and Eddie bridges Malenko. Malenko monkey flips Eddie over.
    • Very impressive sequence with numerous flips and leap frogs.
    • Eddie with a clothesline.
    • Malenko with a full nelson.. 2 count.
    • Eddie goes up top and connects with a cross body.
    • Eddie signals for the frog splash. Eddie leaps but Malenko gets his knees up.
    • Standing switches and Eddie reverses a Malenko roll through for a cover of his own... 1-2-3.

    Winner: Eddie Guerrero. After the match, they shake hands, but Malenko looks a little bit frustrated..


    Mean Gene is in the ring and Hulk Hogan comes down for an interview. Giant and Zodiac come out. Giant does the neck break on Hogan like he did at Fall Brawl 1995. Some jobbers come down to help Hogan, but gets chokeslammed too..

    3rd Match: WCW World Tag Team Championship: American Males(c) vs Nasty Boys. Right before the match, Harlem Heat attacked Nasty boys on the stage and big brawl began. The match never started, so therefore, American Males are still champions.

    4th Match: Brian Pillman vs Ric Flair. Match Highlights:
    • Pillman with a backdrop... 2 count.
    • Flair with knees and chops in the corner.
    • Pillman rakes the eyes of Flair.
    • More chops by Flair. A kick to the ribs. More chops.
    • Pillman with a nicely connected spine buster... 1-2... 2-count only.
    • Flair with a back suplex.
    • Flair places Pillman in the figure-four. Anderson runs in, distracts ref while Pillman is tapping out. Flair releases the hold, goes to argue with ref, Pillman comes from behind with roll-up. 1-2-3.
    Winner: Brian Pillman. After the match, there was a two-on-one attack.

    And that's it for tonight's show.

    I think, we're finally getting some bigger ratings at this point. We're getting more noticed. Overall, it's not a bad show... It's getting pretty good, actually.

    But that's just my opinion. Let me know what do you think in the comments.

  12. First I'll start off with the formatting. While it is not awful, I would like to see a little more to keep your shows from looking like a block of text. Also, I know that you are rebooking what you would do, but I don't think you need to say what originally happened, just stick with your version. I would also like to see a little more detail in some of your segments. For example, one of your shows you only wrote Ric Flair is interviewed. What exactly did he say? How was the match hyped up?

    As for your storylines, they are interesting. I like what you are doing in all of them and look forward to seeing where they go. Just fix some of the problems above and this will should be a successful BTB for you! :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. I say you do a ppv with wcw vs wwe stars
  14. Thanks for the advices, mate! I'll try to improve :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. I think it's way too early.
  16. WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, October 9th, 1995

    We are live from Chicago for the best one-hour wrestling show on television today!
    Tonight: Flair/Anderson for the U.S Title in a Steel Cage Match!

    Sting comes out and says that he is going to invoke his "forgotten" rematch clause for the WCW United States Title, right here, TONIGHT IN THAT STEEL CAGE MATCH! Now it's going to be a triple threat match!

    Footage of Hogan being attacked last week is shown on a titantron.

    1st Match: Sabu Vs Mr. J.L. Match Highlights:
    • Sabu attacks JL in the corner with a few clubbing blows. A few right hands and then a scoop slam.
    • Sabu goes to the apron and connects with a leg drop over the top rope.
    • Sabu springboards off the middle rope and connects with a heel kick... 2-count.
    • JL connects with a spinning heel kick sending Sabu to the outside. JL dives through the middle rope and connects with a suicide dive.
    • Sabu sends JL chest first into the turnbuckle and he connects with a clothesline.
    • Sabu with a DDT off the middle turnbuckle... 2-count.
    • Sabu places JL into the camel clutch. JL passes out.
    Winner: Sabu. Afterwards, Sabu connects with a sunset flip power bomb onto the floor on JL.
    Savage and Vader are in the ring with Mean Gene. Savage clearly wants Vader in a match at Halloween Havoc. Savage asks why Giant hasn't chokeslammed Vader last week in their match. Vader tells Savage to shut his mouth. But finally agrees to a match at Halloween Havoc.

    So, I've changed my format a bit, but now it will take more time to book one show, so from now on, it's gonna be divided in parts. So this is a part 1. To be continued..

    P.S I need a little help from someone, who can write a dialogues for segments, like this Vader/Savage above. PM me if you're interested.

  17. Please post some more i love reading these.