Rebooking wrestlemania 22.


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A few days ago I did a review of wrestlemania 22. And I said this was an average show this. Could have been such a great wm.

Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry. World heavyweight championship. Underdog vs monster storyline would have been perfect.

Undertaker vs Kurt angle. The match we should have got.

John Cena vs edge. Wwe championship. Wasn’t a big fan of the feud but I think this match should have happened. Triple h had been in the main event of wrestlemania for 4 years in a row prior to this. It was time for something new. At least it would have been different. Edge and Foley could have had there show stealing match at one night stand.

Dx vs the McMahon’s. Tag team match.

Chris Beniot vs booker t. United states championship. They had a pretty good best of 7 series in 2005. So there’s no doubt this would have been a great match was well.

Money in the bank, jbl vs Bobby lashley, vs rvd, vs Randy Orton, vs Shelton, vs Matt, vs flair,
Rvd wins.

Tag team championship match. Carlito and Chris masters vs kane and big show. Wouldn’t change the participants but I’d have carlito and masters win the tag team titles. Instead of what we got with big show and kane retaining, what was the point? Why not just put the young guys over.

The rest of the card? The playboy pillow fight was filler so no need to change that,

Mickie James vs trish. Yeah just leave that as well.

There’s no crap like boogeyman on this card.
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Their needs to be an SMH/LOL button... You keep making my day with your replies

I’d like to see your shitty ideas.
Hey...there is no need to get butt hurt...
and I don't "rebook" old shows. I tend
to offer ideas & suggestions for the
future...or at least I did at one point.

I don't anymore because I'm all out
of fucks to give.
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I would of kept the triple threat match with Angle vs Mysterio vs Orton. They had a barn burner of a match and i would of gave it more time. That triple threat is one or the best of its kind.

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This is a good thread. T Toothlessagression78
I know You've been here a few days but there's one thing u should understand. We all tend to get along very well here. Everyone Jokes around. Don't take everything you read so seriously. Trust me, I've been hanging around here for 2 yrs. I know how these guys are. No need to be on the defense whenever someone responds to your comments in a "Sarcastic" way.
The More your on here the more you'll come to learn and get to know everyone. I hope u stay around for awhile. We're always glad to have new members. The more the merrier. 😁😁

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