Kayfabe Rebound

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  1. *Chris Young is in his locker room with most of the lights off with the IC title in his hand and his back to the camera and his left arm is resting on the locker and starts speaking like he knows the camera is there. He speaks with a sense of loss and despair *

    Chris: In sorrow, I speak the name and my voice mirrors my torment this distance this disillusion I cling to memories of rising to glory and the hope of a new day waking the misery of being defeated.
    Now I face Webmaster A man I know I can beat the living hell out of.
    It's quite a drop from the top, So how are you feeling down there?
    Caught, stuck, here with your enemies with the mind of one lost, One like me.
    Webmaster What do you think you ca do?
    Cause everyone already knows It's twenty to one so you better run.
    I will never be voiceless my weapon of choice is I'd rather be dangerous I won't be left defenselessAs God as my witness
    I'd rather be dangerous and amazing.

    *Chris rises up and puts the belt on his shoulder and turns to the camera showing the bruised face of Young and the camera zooms out to show Chris' locker which has a picture of his match with Ellis Klein with burn marks covering it and a picture of Chris holding the title after his win with tears going across it.
    Chris Walks around the small room and sees himself in the mirror and stares and starts to talks to himself.*

    Chris: You're another loose cannon Chris, gone bi-polar sSlipped down, couldn't get much lower, quicksand's got no sense of humor and I'm still laughing like hell You think that the cryin' to me looking so sorry that I'm gonna believeYou've been infected yeah, I get it You're an outcast always under attack Always coming in last Bringing up the past No one owes you anything I think you need A kick in the ass to wake up, Chris look into my eyes I'm you and you are me just open up and give it all to them out there and be amazing like we always.
    This is our time my rules and this is it!

    *Chris Smiles and turns around and turns the lights on and he is joined by Lilith Young who gives Chris his Amazing One jacket and Chris happily put' it on.*

    Lilith: Ready for the rebound Mr.Amazing?
    Chris: As Long as I have My Black Rose at my side, We'll do fine my dear. The Amazing One and The Black Rose are going to rebound from this loss.
    And Webmaster will not know what hit him. No one knows the walls that we've climbed, the knots we've untied, the shots that we've fired.
    Now wait for me outside the walkway.

    *Lilith Leaves and Chris walks over to the locker looking at his gear and he looks at his belt starting to speak again.*

    Chris: Webmaster is fine and done with I have to focus on Ellis Klein and I know he will see this.
    I love the hate that we share I want more! Do you want more? But you'll get nothing from me But enemies and a beating like Webmaster is going to get this week and at the chance I get I'll break you bone by bone.
    This is my time, My rules and no one will change the this is my time!
    Oh, my eyes are seein’ red double vision from the blood we’ve shed The only way I’m leavin’ is dead.
    That’s the state of my head.

    *Chris Bursts out of the locker room and the sound of a kendo stick echoes and the camera rushes to see Chris laid out by Ellis Klein who is standing over him.*

    Ellis Klein: Just like your wife....payback is a bitch.

    *Ellis Klein walks off as the camera stays on Chris who is now on one knee with a look of rage *

    Chris: Webmaster is going to be used an example for that punk and the only way I’m leavin’ is dead.

    *the camera fades out.*

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