Rebuilding My PC (Need Some Tips)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Closed, Jun 27, 2017.

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  1. Yo, so I built my PC back in 2015 and basically haven't watched much tech for a while now. My PC is currently running with the GTX 970 which is a great card, but I was told to upgrade for 4K gaming. I have a card in mind for it, but I'm not sure if I should upgrade my CPU for this? It's a Intel Core i5 CPU (I forget the full title) so it could be a little older for the PC. That's where I would need help to be honest since I know my GPU stuff but don't have much of a clue for the CPU side. The GPU I want is a 1080 TI since I hear that's the best for 4K gaming at the moment. I might upgrade the ram to 16GB since I saw a few cheap sticks. Should I upgrade the PSU? The one I have now was perfect for what I needed back then. It's a 450W PSU. If so what would be recommended? I'm basically a little clueless on the CPU side and if I need a new PSU for this. I'm already pushing the bank with the GPU and monitor so I would like to pick up the PSU and CPU for under 500 dollars/euros if possible. If I need to pay a little more then I will, but I don't really want to spend like 2,000 on this project.
  2. Hm I am new to all of this as I am currently building a PC for the first time, but I do know your CPU is limited as it must match the specs of the motherboard. Like my motherboard only supports Intel 7th Gen Socket 1151

    For me, I prefer to go with the cpu's with the K at the end. I can't exactly remember how the K makes it better as said I'm very new to this, but for my system, I'm getting Intel Core i5 7600K. You could get Intel Core i7 7700K but that is $479 in AUD. Which is pushing the bank for me.

    My question is what can your motherboard run? in terms of the CPU?
  3. I think it can run most. Honestly not sure to be honest. I might buy this one to go with the GPU
  4. Agh yes that is a part of the Intel 7th Gen Socket 1151 range. It's 500 in AUD for me lol which is the most expensive on that range.

    Do you know what your motherboard is called? I could find out what it supports, but it most likely supports that range. It just depends on how old your board is.
  5. ASUS® H81M-PLUS: Micro-ATX, LG1150, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs
  6. [​IMG]

    If that's the one it seems that it only supports Intel 1150. As I stated before the CPU you are currently looking at is in the 1151 range. Which means the CPU wouldn't work with your motherboard. That motherboard is pretty old, but yeah 1150 only.

    Here is a link to an 1150 CPU on the website that I buy my stuff off - Intel Socket 1150 - PC Case Gear
    As you can see the range is slim. Likely due to it being very outdated now.

    If you want to be able to get the CPU you are looking at you'll need a new motherboard.

    Here is an image of the motherboard I'm getting and as you can see where I have circled it says this board supports 1151 only. You need to look for a board that supports 1151.
  7. how about this one

    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming Intel® Z170 Express Chipset LGA1151 ATX motherboard
  8. My Uncle Is an EXPERT when it comes to rebuilding Computers. Unfortunantly, we hvnt spoken to him in years. If I were still talking to him, I might've been able to help ya out some. :/
  9. I have AMD in mine. I only know basic things but I am sure @Solidus can recommend some stuff.

    Mine is behind to the point where it can hardly handle DOOM and I want to play that game without the horrible FPS that I get.
    Going to be upgrading to a GTX 1050 Ti card which isn't anything massive but better than what I have.
  10. 450w will not be enough, here's a few upgrades I recommend.

    You could probably get away with 650w if you decide to get the 1080ti.

    Instead of buying a 1080ti for 4K, buy a second 970 for SLI. Cheaper since you have one already but more power consumption and noise. You don't even need a 1080ti for 4k, a 1070 is a significant upgrade to a 970 and easily handles 4k. Only a select few games you'll struggle at ultra settings (Crysis 3, etc).
    100% upgrade to 16gb RAM.
    As for CPU, it depends what generation you are on currently, find out the exact mode. For example, if you have an i5-6600k, upgrade to an i7-6700k.

    My recommended upgrade path: i7-xx00k + GTX 1070 + a GOOD 650 power supply + 16gb ram.
  11. Yeah 1070 is what I have, I don't have a 4k monitor but I run GTA with super sampling and it takes it like a boss.
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    I worked together these parts. The cost went up quite a bit, but I mean, it might be worth it I guess. Could this system play every game at ultra for the next 2 years at 1080 to 1440p? And of course do 4K gaming at medium to high settings that I see on YouTube. The only thing holding me back is if they release a better GPU next year for 4K gaming....I mean I could resell this one and upgrade it then. I just hope the motherboard and the other parts would work with it. I don't want to spend this much money on another PC just a year later. I don't mind doing small upgrades each year (Added ram, new GPU/CPU) etc, but building a whole new PC with different motherboards is like a no no

    System Build - Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G... - PCPartPicker
  13. And I might wait until Christmas to upgrade. Something cool to do on the day