Recent IWC backlash against Outlaws? Are they done now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 4, 2014.

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  1. What do you guys think will happen now that the Outlaws lost the titles? Obviously they will probably do something through Mania, but what might that be? I can't really see the Usos feud continuing.

    Also, has anyone else noticed a lot of people are shitting on them all of the sudden? It seemed like everyone was glad to have them back, but the last couple of weeks people want them to go away. I find them entertaining and would love to have them stick around the tag division.
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  2. Dunno or really care about your initial question.

    But yeah, I thought they were pretty fun to. Their intro alone is more entertaining than most of the roster and they can still put on good matches. But I guess they get shit for being old and HOLDING BACK TALENT or something...
  3. Bro, you don't need to spend time telling us things you don't know. That's all we would ever see you post.
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  6. Whoever is shitting on them doesn't enjoy being entertained. I do think that they're going to be gone soon due to Road Doggs body. It seems like he can't take being in the ring for too long and Billy ends up wrestling most of the match. It's understandable but unfortunate.
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  7. It just seemed a really bad decision to make them champions to me. The division was doing really with a host of teams that could have held the belts. They've been here since the first RAW of the year so you can't even put them down as transitional champs. Also, the fact they're mates with Hunter, at a time when Tista wins the Rumble, is a bit y'know.

    Don't see why they'd stick around now, as they're getting their rematch tonight.
  8. You don't think as champs they gave the Usos a nice rub in that feud? I thought they did well to put them over.
  9. The backlash is because they're just one-note characters that have gotten stale to some people. Arrive, do the entrance, wrestle a lousy match, leave.

    They did make the perfect heels for the Usos though. Playing the Los Stereotypicos role well.
  10. Have they really put them over that much? Retained clean at EC, retained cheating on last week's RAW or SD? Dunno
  11. I meant in the feud in general, not just Ws and Ls, but even there they lost to the Usos 2 straight Raws and will lose a rematch for the belts so.. yea thats pretty good in that department as well.
  12. People are getting butthurt over the Outlaws because they're...... they're....... oh wait..... they're doing nothing wrong.
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  13. Over with the crowd and they are both good performers. People say they can't wrestle because the WWE is turning into ROH and everyone is a workrate mark, but they are great at working their style of wrestling. They keep the crowd involved better than most guys on the roster today
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  14. The crowd usually is a snoozefest before Road Dogg does the actual "TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOORRLLLD!" bit. Then, Billy has the small part where everyone's involved.
  15. In IWC terms, having an old team come back as transitional tag team champions is a bad idea even though they can put on great matches.
  16. I mean during matches, not just the entrance.
  17. Even so, I don't see as much excitement from the crowd in their matches, not even when Road Dogg does the shake, rattle & roll.
  18. I found it funny when Chicago shat on them cos they're buds with Hunter.

    Usos beating them first time at EC would have been more impressive is what in trying to say.
  19. Yea, I thought they would find a way to stretch the feud until Mania, I thought the timing of the title win was a little odd. If they were going to do it before Mania, the PPV made more sense at EC.
  20. Was okay with this, actually. As an undercard match it wouldn't have been that big of a moment on the "Grandest Stage of them All" but on a random Raw it was pretty huge.

    But all this may be about is to test out the WWE Network again after the NXT stream issues. It'll draw people to this Main Event taping tonight.
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