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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jacob Fox, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. I just saw this picture of Shane McMahon with Batista to promote his new movie. Someone is looking more and more like Daddy every day. It would be freaky to see him go, "You're fiiiirrrreeed!"

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  2. How long has he been away for now?
  3. For too damn long, that's for sure! #BringBackShane-O-Mac
  4. Since mid 2009. That was when he stopped showing up on-screen. 2010 was when he left the company.
  5. They both look a lot older wow.
  6. He's not aging well. He needs to dye his hair and come back. I liked Shane O Mac. Such good moments he made for WWE.
  7. well he is 62
  8. Shane McMahon is only 45. 5 years older than me and didn't age as well.
  9. It's been since 2009.. It looks like he's aged 15 year's since the last time he was in WWE.
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  10. Vince went grey early as well. As did Linda so it is most likely genetic. But you try selling on demand movies to the Chinese and not get stressed.
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  11. Here comes the moneeeeeeyyyy
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