Kayfabe Reclaiming my Throne.

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    After Jack Rogue's triumphant return earlier tonight, the crowd are still ecstatic with joy and delight at their fan favourite finally making his homecoming and declaring himself as a competitor in the Money In The Bank ladder match. Suddenly, the briefcase hanging high above the ring as it usually is during the build up to this historic pay-per-view begins to lower slowly. The "Rogue" chants that were echoing through the arena are now ushered in with a silent atmosphere and the crowd has no clue what to expect. Finally, the briefcase that was spiralling its way down to the ring comes to a halt about seven feet from the canvas. Immediately after the briefcase has stopped, the lights cut out with the arena now being pitch-black. A few of the fans in attendance grab their mobile phones out of their pockets for a source of light. The darkness creates a brooding tension until a flash appears on the titantron. Many images pop up on the screen in quick succession, the most recognisable ones being an image filled with red, white and black camo and the other being a still image of the TWF World Heavyweight Championship, a title which has now been retired. The crowd finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and await what is about to happen.

    "All I Want" by A Day To Remember begins to play, as the crowd erupt in cheers and amazement. The words 'Tyson Blade' show up on the titantron, as the euphoric atmosphere only begins to get more chaotic. The former TWF World Heavyweight Champion walks out from the guerilla, as the audience is in awe and shock at his appearance and debut on Saturday Night Precision. Tyson stands on the stage and takes in the reaction from the crowd, as he walks down the ramp. He gazes around the arena, as the song drops and taunts to the fans. Eager to get back into the ring, he runs and slides into the ring, while nodding his head to his theme music. Blade is wearing his ring gear and a shirt with a silhouette of him sat on a throne on the front and on the back the words "Reclaim The Throne". Tyson is handed a microphone as he circles the ring looking at the crowd in attendance.

    Tyson: Just like my buddy Jack Rogue said earlier, I am back! That's right ladies and gentlemen, if you thought one return wasn't enough, then here you go and here I am.

    The crowd cheer and chant "welcome back", as they did earlier in the night for Rogue. Blade smiles and takes in the cheers a little more considering this is his first time stepping foot into a Precision arena.

    Tyson: Although, I am not here just because my good friend decided to make his return tonight. No, I am here for a completely different reason entirely. For those who do not know me, I am Tyson Blade, some of you may know me also as the longest reigning TWF World Heavyweight Champion of all-time. All my life's work had built up to my big title win at WrestleMania, when I cashed in my briefcase to win the world title, just like how the winner of this briefcase right here will do when he wins this very briefcase that hangs above me.

    Tyson points to the briefcase and smirks as the crowd think he is also declaring himself for the Money In The Bank ladder match, however, this is not the case.

    Tyson: This briefcase right here decides a lot of things, it can make and break careers and it can decide who could be the next Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. In this scenario, the briefcase will also be deciding the fate of the holder, as they are now a marked man along with the two men in this weeks Number #1 Contenders match and of course, Alice Xander. I don't care if the champion is one of the four men in the ladder match, or if the champion is one of the two men in this weeks Number #1 Contenders match or if the champion is Alice Xander or even Buster Gates for that matter. It's time for me to reclaim what is rightfully mine. It is time for me to reclaim what I never lost! The Undisputed Heavyweight Championship!

    Tyson drops the microphone to the mat, as the crowd cheer one final time. His music hits, as he gently pats the Money In The Bank briefcase above his head before it ascends back to its original position. He leaves the ring as the camera cuts to commercial break.

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