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  1. I honestly don't know why I drink Red Bull.

    It takes like absolute shit but I drink it all the time.
    Monster has a much better taste but doesn't revive me like red bull does.

    Red Bull tastes like a higher sugar 35p euro-shopper energy drink:


  2. Is it because it gives you wings?
  3. You're addicted to the buzz it gives you or some shit I guess.
  4. You mean needing to piss every 10 minutes?
    I'm sure as hell not addicted to that. :dawg:
  5. I dislike every single energy drink, that officially classes itself as one anyway.
  6. Monster isn't classed as an energy drink so it's all good :dawg:
  7. I am the same, hate energy drinks. The only drink I drink which mostly keeps you awake/hyper is coca cola.
  8. It still sucks more dick than Piers Morgan.
  9. WHAT. :rock:

  10. Sunny D ftw. :boss1:
  11. Agreed, my brother drinks them daily but I'm not a fan personally.
  12. :dawg::dawg::dawg:

    :finger: vitamins.
  13. And thus you won't grow big and strong. Vitamins are good for you.
  14. Monster has lots of vitamins in :dawg:
  15. But too much crap in it to do the body any good. My younger brothers have tons of friends training to be pro hockey players, the eat right, train right all that stuff but only drink monster. As a result they are all scrawny as twigs and around 5.5ft.

    My brother on the other hand who doesn't drink energy drinks and follows the same training and diet regiment is 6.5 and made purely off muscles.
  16. Screw Red Bull AND Monster.

    Drink Coca-Cola. Bringing smiles since 1886.

    Also try WATER! All natural and better for you than any of the three beverages.
  17. shit in a can is all it is. in face shit is more nutritious.
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