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    Pretty sure only me and @RedDwarfTechy will use this...
    I said I would wait until all episodes are out, but I caved. What do you think of XI so far?
    First episode was really good, very funny. Second episode was kinda boring, and the acting from everyone else except the main 4 wasn't great.
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  2. I liked the 1st episode, been watching since 1996.

    I expected it to be outright terrible though and its not so there is that.
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    It's not a bad show from what I seen. Didn't see the new one. Only a few older ones.

  4. Best thread ever!

    The second episode had a ton of RD 'vibes' to it, but the first really took the cake.

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    Prohabition and the whole bit with Einstein, classic!

    Watched the 3rd one yet? It reminded me a hell lot of Future Echoes from way back in season 1. Loving the season though XD but i may be tad bit bias. Just a tad :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Watching shortly. And Future Echoes is top 5 episodes for me, so this should be good.
  6. It had some real 'brit' humour moments for me XD which i love in spite of not being a brit :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Episode 3 was decent. The "and you are?" to Rimmer after Kryten deleted memory was hilarious, as was "Captain Bollocks".
    Episode 4... it was bad.
  8. I haven't watched the 4th one yet. Man I hope they aren't bad, I hate it when we get 'forced' sequels and I desperately don't want RD to be that!
  9. You may like it, but I really did not. It may be the worst episode so far (ever, not in this season).
  10. I actually enjoyed this ep. Not that I'd ever not enjoy an RD ep so, yes Bias :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: The ending I think they could have done it a bit better but there were some really awesome bits. You definitely gotta give props to Rimmer's dream analysis XD
  11. Krysis was decent despite the cheesy sound effects and speaking to the universe at the end.
  12. I know, I loved the way they showed midlife crisis! That suit tho! (we need an arnold rimmer emote!)
  13. Loved the 6th episode, Rimmer and Kryten take the cake as usual but a good episode overall!
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