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  1. I never really fuck around with this section, as I can't buy activity, however, i've been lurking around Fat People Stories and Serial Reddit subsections for a while, and have to suggest it.

    Serial is a podcast done on the murder in 1999, and stars a shitload of normal people with normal people problems. Dude who is in jail for 15 years is Saudi and fucked his asian gf (whose parents are also from a homeland...booong china) and smoked weed. He fucked up and has no alibi, but also doesnt have shit to say about anything...BUT...the main reason it's so active is the prosecution done fucked up and really didnt prosecute, he lost because "well fuck it we know he did it" rule 101.

    FAT PEOPLE STORIES on the other hand, is amazing. So much fat logic, it puts this site to shame for some of you marks (Danielson cant even compete with the logic ffs) and is just hilarious to read. Cundishions, genetics, you name it, these plus sized future models have it. Check it out.

    Anyone have any subreddits they sub to outside of this wonderful establishment? There are something like 40k+ sub-reddits, so at least one person here must be interested/involved in another.
  2. /r/TIFU and /r/gonewild (NSFW)
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