Reddit User Claims "Something Big Is Planned" For The Battleground Main Event

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Following in the footsteps of Metsfan4ever (who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth for some reason), there's now a user on Reddit named Falconarrow who is apparently taking up his mantle in making correct predictions and claiming it's due to having insider sources within the company.

    He says in the second link that it's definitely not a Sheamus cash-in.

    While his description is pretty vague and a serious call for skepticism/dismissal, anyone for fun wanna start pondering what could go down in the Battleground main event that could be considered big and surprising if we assume he's right?
  2. I'm answering the call for dismissal. Unless Rock shows up to set up a Summerslam program with Brock :lol1:
    (hope not)
  3. Anything but a lame ass DQ finish would be nice.
  4. The sun will rise in the west tomorrow.


    They have to have something big up their sleeves, they have to. They're gonna have to get super creative with the finish.
    Maybe even a non-lame DQ
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  5. That might be too much to ask of 'em. :smirk2:
  6. The only thing I can think of that could be "huge" would be a unexpected heel turn, a surprise appearance, or both. I'm skeptical of what they could possibly do in the main-event that would overwhelm or surprise me, but I hope they do.
  7. Know what would be huge? Chris Benoit coming in to fight Lesnar instead.
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  8. I could live with a DQ finish if they decided to duplicate the ending of Stone Cold and Kurt Angle's WWF Title match from Summerslam 2001 (which, may I just say, is a very underrated and under-appreciated match.) Just imagine Scott Armstrong (The Authority's own personal crooked referee) in place of Nick Patrick there at the end, and have Brock fuck Armstrong up even worse than Angle did Patrick, possibly even writing him off as a character/referee for good.
  9. Oh Boy, It's FalconArrow.

    I've seen his posts and while he's been right regarding the elimination chamber results, I still doubt these rumors, especially from Reddit. Last time something like this happened, MetsFan's ego grew and ended up getting banned.
  10. If they wanted to shock me now, have Roman come in and cost Brock the match. Join the authority. And quickly become the next big thing.
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  11. I say a huge shocker would be for Seth to win clean without outside interference.
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  12. "No one is talking about Battleground as much as they should be. Think about that for a while."

    That is a spoiler? That sounds like a plant from WWE trying to get more marks to watch the show.
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  13. For the sake of running down an entire list of possibilities:

    -Seth wins clean without help from outside interference. Bwahahahaha... No.

    -Seth picks up a dirty pinfall victory after help from outside interference (this could still be considered 'shocking' since no one really expects Seth to win by pinfall at all), possibly from a new debuting wrestler who joins The Authority as a new bodyguard for Seth.

    -Paul Heyman turns on Brock Lesnar and costs him the championship. This is an idea so incredibly stupid I shouldn't even bother mentioning it, but for the sake of trying to throw everything that comes to mind out there, here it is anyway.

    -The Authority turn on Seth Rollins and help Brock Lesnar win the championship. Again... stupid.

    -Brock Lesnar wins the championship in what is easily the most one-sided match he's wrestled since coming back in 2012 (even more so than the annihilation of John Cena at last year's Summerslam), and then The Authority come out and turn on Seth Rollins after Brock and Heyman have left to the back (I'm imagining Rollins taking a beating like a man and going down with dignity, and then HHH and Stephanie come out and pretend to clap for him at first for his efforts and performance, but then Hunter lays him out with a pedigree and the two of them leave him laying in the middle of the ring as the PPV goes off the air. Cue the seeds for Rollins' face turn.)

    -This is a really crazy and stupid idea that has no reason to happen, but for the sake of mentioning something that would shock everyone and get people talking, here it is - Seth ditches J&J Security and somehow recruits Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to turn heel and join The Authority as his new muscle and security instead. They help him to defeat Lesnar (Brock being pretty much the only major superstar left that has never been targeted by The Shield before), finally confirming the on-again/off-again rumors of a Shield reunion happening sooner than later. This would be Seth's own personal Plan B since the way Brock fucked up J&J Security on Raw and the way I expect him to fuck Kane up on Raw next week leaves Seth without any backup.
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  14. That'd be a huge swerve, bro!:russo:
  15. Heyman turns on Brock.:heyman: :brockderp:
  16. IMO, any big kind of angle other than new members for the Authority (J&J Security and Kane being his only backup is lame anyways) would be stupid for me, especially Heyman leaving Brock seeing as how Heyman is the king of hyping up any Brock match and is his big mouthpiece. I'd totally like to see Hunter call out King Barrett and Luke Harper (seeing as how Rowan is injured) and they can take out Lesnar when Rollins eventually gets rekt.
  17. A friend of mine told me to watch Battleground and told me what he feels is going to happen that night. Hunter will get Sheamus to interfere in the match and hurt Brock's knee enough for Seth to pin him. Seth will pin him to keep the championship but be confused that Hunter watched this happen. Hunter won't be truthful so Seth grants Brock a rematch at Summerslam. This time Brock wins but Sheamus cashes in by hurting Brock's knee again. Brock leaves until January. Seth will feud with Sheamus until Hunter finally grants Seth a match at the Royal Rumble. Brock also returns at the Royal Rumble to fight Sheamus.
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  18. I'm not for Brock being pinned yet though. But good idea in general.
  19. What about a shield reunion against Brock? Now that would shock me!
  20. Although it wouldn't make sense. But, it'd be a shocking moment, nevertheless.:bischoff:
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