Music Reflections In Sound: 2019

Grievous 3D

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Did you guys know that at one point in time I wanted to be a music journalist?


Here is an article I have been working on for the entire year...and I know there is still a
couple of weeks left in the year...I doubt anything I'll hear in tht time will make this list.

So...this is my recap for all the music that rocked my world in 2019...and I have to say
it was a year filled with some glorious death metal, some surprises, drone soundscapes
& a pop star named Poppy.

So...let's get this party started!

~ The Comeback Kings ~

+ Candlemass ~ The Door To Doom +
February 22nd
Label: Napalm Records

The "Fathers Of Modern Doom Metal" staged one of the comebacks of the year with this their
12th album since 1986 & the first since their legendary debut to feature original vocalist Johan
Längquist. Its a true display of traditional doom metal with Johan's vocals sounding incredible
flowing over the mountain sized riffs as Candlemass reclaim their crown as the true Kings of
modern Doom.


Standout Track: Astorolus - The Great Octopus

For Fans Of: Black Sabbath, Trouble, Cathedral

+ Exhorder ~ Mourn The Southern Skies +
September 20th
Label: Nuclear Blast

Well...this is definitely one of greatest comeback in metal music history. After 27 years of
studio silence Exhorder have returned with a batch of groove-laden thrash that is so good...
I actually wrote a terrible "sketch thread" about it.

Uncle Grievy ~ E1 ~ Never Fear, Exhorder Is Here!

Standout Track: Hallowed Sound

For Fans Of: Pantera, Machine Head, Sepultura

+ Sacred Reich ~ Awakening +
August 23rd
Label: Metal Blade Records

While Exhorder returned after 27 years away with a crushingly good album...Sacred Reich
were not to be outdone as they served a their first studio album in 23 years...and its an
absolute scorcher. While only 31 minutes in length Awakening is the easiest album on
this entire list to actually listen to. The songs are catchy, fast & melodic with some smooth
vocals making it easy to sing along with & because its so short you may end up giving it
another spin as soon as it finishes. Its what I would call "Easy Listening" thrash metal & I
highly recommend you all check it out.

Standout Track: Awakening

Far Fan Of: Exodus, Metallica, Anthrax

~ Death (& Decay) Metal ~

+ Cerebral Rot ~ Odious Descent Into Decay +
August 16th
Label: 20 Buck Spin

Rising out of the stagnant murk in Seattle, Washington Cerebral Rot served up a steaming
pile of filthy, old school death metal that sounds like it was literally recorded in a swamp
itself. 20 Buck Spin released a slew of high quality death metal albums this year...and while
this wasn't the was a close second. If you miss old school 80's death metal...then
give Odious Descent Into Decay a spin.

Standout Track: Swamped In Festering Excrementia

For Fans Of: Fetid, Incantation, Vastum

+ Contrarian ~ Their Worm Never Dies +
March 15th
Label: Willowtop Records

Now I normally don't do "progressive" or "technical" death metal...but Contrarian first caught
my eyes with their sweet album cover...and then caught my ears with their own brand of "Pro-tech"
death metal. I have to be honest & say its nothing really that special...but the production is solid,
the songs are both technical & catchy & like I've said...that is a beast of an album cover. I'd so get
it painted on the side of the van that I'll never own.

Standout Track: My Curse

For Fans Of: Death, Atheist, Cynic

+ Distant ~ Tyrannotophia +
June 7th
Label: Unique Leader Records

So I'm the first to admit that Metal music in general can be loud, obnoxious noise that sounds
like a pack of badgers being fed tail first into a wood chipper while a jackhammer is used to
slowly break up a solid foot of concrete nearby. Well guess what? Distant are here & they are
just as loud & obnoxious as metal can get. Their style of "downtempo deathcore" can be catchy
at times...but honestly...this is just fun because of how downright obnoxious it is. Also the cover
is pretty fucking cool.

Standout Track: Abhorrence

For Fans Of: Black Tongue, Wormed, Vulvodynia

+ Penguin On Fire ~ Casket Builder +
March 12th
Label: Independent

A two man grindcore/death metal act from Israel I found by complete accident. Casket Builder is
loud, stupid, obnoxious & weird...but most of all...its a bit of brainless, brutal fun. I can't really say
anything else but TRACTOR!!!

Standout Track: Good Morning, Farmer/Tractor

For Fans Of: Grindcore!

+ Tomb Mold ~ Planetary Clairvoyance +
July 19th
Label: 20 Buck Spin

Now I love me some death metal...however a lot of the death metal out there can end up sounding
very samey. A truly interesting death metal band needs a "hook" of somekind to stand out from the
rest...& friends let me tell you...Tomb Mold have two great hooks. The first being is that they
literally sound like the kind of music that would bubble its way up & out of a primordial swamp
& the second is having some truly memorable songs that linger in your brain long after the record

Standout Track: Infinite Resurrection

For Fans Of: Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Immolation

+ Vltimas ~ Something Wicked Marches In +
March 29th
Label: Season of Mist

Metal "Supergroups" mostly miss the mark rather than hit it but I know most metal fans were
excited & curious about Vltimas...a "supergroup" featuring current or former members of Morbid
Angel (Vocalist Dave Vincent) Mayhem (Guitarist Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen) & Cryptopsy
(drummer Flo Mounier). Now as I just stated Metal "supergroups" always have this habit of
disappointing the fans who have been waiting for their actual music to drop...BUT thankfully
Vltimas actually serves up exactly would you would expect them to. Blackened, Death Metal
with classic old school vocals and inhumanly fast drumming. It was a most pleasant surprise.

Standout Track: Monolilith

For Fans Of: (Old School) Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Cryptopsy

+ Witch Vomit ~ Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave +
August 30th
Label: 20 Buck Spin

Well...its the final album in "The 20 Buck Spin's 2019 Swamp Death Trilogy" & Witch Vomit bring
something altogether different to the table than their label mates Cerebral Rot & Tomb Mold.
This album is fast, dirty, menacing & overall a rabid 27 minute blast of pure death metal fury.
If you prefer your death metal with a hint of thrash...drown yourself in some Witch Vomit.

Standout Track: From Rotten Guts

For Fans Of: Entombed, Dismember, Torture Rack

~ Hymns To The Cannabis God ~

+ Gurt ~ Bongs Of Praise +
September 6th
Label: When Planets Collide

Well...while they may sound like their from the swamps of the deep South of America UK Sludge
metal act Gurt show you don't need to be a redneck to raise some unholy Southern sounds. Bongs
of Praise
is an ugly, snarling, rocking ode to the plant God of Cannabis & every second of it will leave
your ears ringing with a metal contact high.

Standout Track: Rolling Stoned

For Fans Of: Bongzilla, Clutch, Mastodon

+ Weedsnake ~ Cannabinoide +
July 22nd
Label: Independent

The second of only three independent band to make my 2019 list Weedsnake was a delightful find that
I happened to come across during my online travels. How did I find them you may ask? Well...I was on
a stoner metal blog page looking for some information on another band when the incredible cover caught
my eye. I did some research & when I read Weedsnake were being compared to Electric Wizard, Bongzilla
& early Cathedral...well I was sold. While I don't smoke cannabis myself...I do enjoy the music it inspires &
influences & Cannabinoide will deliver you one hell of a heavy contact high.

Standout Track: Homocannabilis

For Fans Of: Electric Wizard, Bongzilla, (Early) Cathedral

~ Hometown Heroes ~

+ Disentomb ~ The Decaying Light +
July 12th
Label: Unique Leader Records

Finding a "new" band can always be exciting...especially when the band you find is dishing out
the exact type of music you've been bingeing on for most of the year. Disentomb slowly lumbered
their way into my life earlier this year & their brand of "brutal deeth metal" has clearly been perfected
on this, their third full length album. But the best thing about Disentomb is that they hail from "just
down the road" from me in Brisbane, Queensland. Now that is fucking cool!

Standout Track: Invocation In The Cathedral Of Dust

For Fans Of: Suffocation, Defeated Sanity, Putridity

+ Thy Art Is Murder ~ Human Target +
July 26th
Label: Nuclear Blast, Human Warfare

Now I have to admit I don't listen to many Australian fact I think Parkway Drive was the
only one...until I found (Disentomb &) Thy Art Is Murder. Now this band has been around since 2008...
but I'd never heard them (or heard of them) until this year when they released the excellent Human Target
& its a real raw deathcore experience. I do hope that band continues to experiment & branch out musically
on its future releases...but for not...Thy Art Is Murder shows that Aussies can bring the brutality just as well
as any other country.

Standout Tracks: New Gods

For Fans Of: Parkway Drive, Despised Icon, Meshuggah

~ Metal Rocks! ~

+ Big Business ~ The Beast You Are +
April 12th
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

When not helping the Melvins be even heavier than they already are...Jared Warren & Coady Willis
are creating their own slabs of sludge, stoner metal in Big Business...and thankfully The Beast You
was another heavy, lumbering monster of a record with enough diversity to show the band's true
creative soul.

Standout Track: The Moor You Know

For Fans Of: Melvins, Mastodon, Baroness

+ Black Sites ~ Exile +
April 19th
Label: Hoove Child Records

Possibly the most mainstream "album" on my list (besides Poppy of course) Exile is just a solid heavy
metal/rock album with some catchy tunes peppered with "progressive" moments. I'd never even heard
of Black Sites before reading an online review & decided to track the album down for a listen...and I'm
glad I did.

Standout Track: The Night They Came for You

For Fans Of: Big Business, Mastodon, Baroness

+ Book Of Wyrms ~ Remythologizer +
Released: August 23rd
Label: Twin Earth Records

35 minutes of space & fantasy themed stoner/doom metal with the added hook of a female vocalist make
Remythologizer seem like a breath of fresh, doom-laden air. Another "new" band for me (even if they have
been around since 2015) Book Of Wyrms are basically what I would call "easy listening" & this album is
incredibly enjoyable.

Standout Track: Blacklight Warpriest

For Fans Of: Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Black Sabbath, Magic Circle

+ Lochness ~ Black Smokers +
September 9th
Label: Independent

As this Top 40 list/write up should tell you...I love me some doom metal. I like most doom metal in all
its variations but I have to be honest & say that I generally avoid "psychedelic doom metal" for the most
part. HOWEVER...Lochness seem to have the right idea how to add "psychedelic" elements to the doom
genre. Basically this album at its core is a heavy slab of old school, doom metal that uses samples &
vocal effects to add a layer of psychedelia without the music slipping in heaviness or quality. The fact
the band also label themselves as "Aquatic Doom" gives them an extra hook & hope they find a home
on a reliable record label soon.

Standout Track: Sea Weed

For Fans Out: Black Sabbath, (Early) Mastodon, (the act of) Deep Sea Exploration

+ Magic Circle ~ Departed Souls +
March 29th
Label: 20 Buck Spin you like Black Sabbath? I mean early Black Sabbath...say that run of classic albums
they released between 1970 to 1975? Well if you do...then you NEED to listen to Magic Circle...
& you NEED to check out there latest album Departed Souls. Now I know you could say "Why don't
I just listen to those classic Sabbath albums instead?" & my response would be "Magic Circle are
still worth your time! Shut up & listen to their music!"

Standout Track: I've Found My Way To Die

For Fans Of: (Early) Black Sabbath, Crypt Sermon, Candlemass

+ Spirit Adrift ~ Divided By Darkness +
May 10th
Label: 20 Buck Spin

As you can possibly tell by this list...sometimes I just like to listen to some "rock" music.
Now generally my taste in "rock" music still leans towards the heavier side...but Spirit Adrift
balance out the "rock" & "metal" elements of their music almost perfectly. I'd almost like to
predict that the band could have a future on mainstream rock radio...but that all depends on
which direction they take their future material. Still Divided By Darkness is a great album
that is more than worth you time.

Standout Track: Born Into Fire

For Fans Of: Khemmis, Candlemass, Crypt Sermon

~ Nightmare Soundtracks ~

+ Krypts ~ Cadaver Circulation +
May 31st
Label: Dark Descent Records

The combination of death & doom metal can be tricky to balance & generally the death elements
tend to override the doom. Krypts however take an interesting approach with an overall death
metal style that occasionally stops to drop some truly intense doom-laded riffage. While still
vicious & brutal in most places the atmosphere & overall pacing of this album is possibly the
perfect blend of two of my favorite genres.

Standout Track: The Reek Of Loss

For Fans Of: Coffins, Graveyard, Solothus

+ Nightfell ~ A Deranged Sanity +
September 12th
Label: 20 Buck Spin

While I'm not one for black metal...I do like the atmosphere & the cold claustrophobic feelings
of dread that are usually found in that genre. Well...Nightfell take the parts of black metal I enjoy
& use them to enhance their almost drone-like death metal tunes to a triumphant degree. At only
35 minutes long A Deranged Sanity is a short but intense listen that makes ever second count for

Standout Track: The Swallowing Of Flies

For Fans Of: Hooded Menace, Rotting Christ, Triptykon

+ Rowsdower ~ The Michael Jordans Of Suicide +
August 2nd
Label: Sludgelord Records

So...I found this band by complete accident. For those of you who don't know Rowsdower is the
name of the (lead?) character from the film "The Final Sacrifice" which in turn was eventually featured
on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000. So when I saw a metal band called Rowsdower I had to
check them out. And what do they sound like you may ask? Well...they may have recorded & released
the most ugly, uneven, sadistic yet creative sludge/doom album I've heard since Iron Monkey first
appeared in 1997. This is truly music for a suicide.

Standout Track: AUM

For Fans Of: Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, Bongzilla

+ Sempiternal Dusk ~ Cenotaph Of Defectuous Creation +
August 30th
Label: Dark Descent Records

Tim Call has had a fantastic year. Not only did Nightfell release their third album of blackened,
death metal to much acclaim...but one of his "other" bands (seriously he's in like 10) released
this bleak slab of "anti-death metal" death metal. Now as much as that description hurts my head...
Sempiternal Dusk thankfully do not. Cenotaph Of Defectuous Creation is like the audio equivalent
of running up a never ending staircase in the dark while being chased by a multi-limbed demon
who not only wants to eat your flesh...but also your very soul.

Standout Track: Orgiastic Feast Upon Martyred Flesh

For Fans Of: Incantation, Nightfell, Vastum

~ Nostalgia Bloody Nostalgia ~

+ Devin Townsend ~ Empath +
March 29th
Label: Inside Out Music

For all the details read my full album review here!

+ Cyborg Sounds: Devin Townsend ~ Empath +

Standout Track: Evermore

For Fans Of: Strapping Young, Ocean Machine, The Devin Townsend Project

+ Killswitch Engage ~ Atonement +
August 16th
Label: Metal Blade Records

Well...the "Kings of Metalcore" are back again & its a standard Killswitch Engage album. Now
that isn't a bad thing as KSE always deliver a solid album with 3 or 4 amazing tracks that will
be added to their live set as they do their "tour lap" around the world. Its what Killswitch does
& I'm fine with that. I also like the fact I don't have to listen to any other metalcore albums
released this year (which FYI is a lot) because I know none of them will top this.

Standout Track: Unleashed

For Fans Of: Metalcore (Its that simple really)

+ Korn ~ The Nothing +
September 13th
Label: Roadrunner, Elektra

Well its another Korn album & the "Fathers of Nu-Metal" are still very much alive & kicking...
despite the "Nu-Metal" genre being about as popular as a fly in a bowl of soup. I myself have
been listening to Korn since 1994 & own every one of their this release showing
up on this list is no real surprise. What is surprising is how solid, sharp & energetic The Nothing
truly is with many claiming its the best Korn album since Untouchables in 2002.

Standout Track: Can You Hear Me

For Fans Of: Korn (I mean...its a Korn album...what else can I say?)

+ Rammstein ~ Untitled (AKA Rammstein) +
May 17th
Label: Universal

After 10 LONG years Rammstein are back...and dare I say better than ever. Having been a
Rammstein fan for the last 22 years I can honestly say these iconic Germans released not
only a great album...but possibly the best album of their entire career. Its powerful, catchy
& cuts like a razor...its Rammstein at their very best.

Standout Track: Ausländer

Fan Fans Of: Rammstein, KMFDM, The "Neue Deutsche Härte" Genre

+ Slipknot ~ We Are Not Your Kind +
August 9th
Label: Roadrunner

Slipknot released a new album this year. I really like it. It is very good. Its not perfect...
but its I like it...a lot. That is all. Moving on...

Standout Track: Nero Forte

For Fans Of: Slipknot...who else?

~ Those Unlike The Rest ~

+ Bad Wolves ~ N.A.T.I.O.N +
October 25th
Label: Eleven Seven Music

In 2018 heavy metal "supergroup" Bad Wolves (featuring former members of DevilDriver,
God Forbid, Bury Your Dead, Scar the Martyr & Divine Heresy) released their debut album
Disobey. It was shockingly good (& not just because of their cover of Zombie) & it easily
made my top albums list of 2018. Well...the band is back in 2019 with another album &
while it isn't as good as Disobey it is still filled with solid tunes containing a lot of melody.

Standout Track: I'll Be There

For Fans Of: Devildriver, God Forbid, Bury Your Dead

+ Bring Me The Horizon ~ Amo +
January 29th

So...funny story. I had never heard a single note of this band's music before Amo...and
the only reason I went out of my way to listen to Amo? Because it was being savaged by
critics & was apparently selling 75% less than the band's last album. So me being the
curious listener that I am decided to pick up a copy of Amo (on sale) & give it a spin...
&...its just "Pop" Metal. Like seriously...its just a fun, bouncy pop metal album with
some electronic influences here & there. I actually really like a pop album...
not as a real metal album.

Standout Track: Sugar, Honey, Ice & Tea

For Fans Of: "Pop Metal" I guess? I don't really know to be honest.

+ Cane Hill ~ Kill The Sun +
January 18th
Label: Rise

In 2018 Cane Hill delivered a short blast of alternative nu-metal with their album Too
Far Gone
but in 2019 the band decided to take a different approach with their "acoustic"
EP Kill The Sun. Surprisingly it worked perfectly allowing the band to show off a more
mature & melodic side. What else can you guys do?

Standout Track: Empty

For Fans Off: (Acoustic) Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana

+ Jinjer ~ Micro & Macro +
January 11th/October 5th
Label: Napalm Records

So...this is kind of cheating as Micro & Macro were separate releases...but I couldn't pick
one over the other...and every minute on both is incredibly well crafted, exciting & energetic.
Of course the dynamic vocal range of singer Tatiana Shmailyuk is the true highlight here but
all the songs themselves are equal parts heavy & melodic.

Standout Tracks(s): Teacher, Teacher! & On The Top

For Fans Of: Korn, Arch Enemy, Cypress Hill

+ Latitudes ~ Part Island +
April 5th
Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Now I have to be honest & say I don't really know what to say about this album. Its more than a
simple metal actually feels like an "audio experience" like the soundtrack to a bleak,
depressing but in the end uplifting art film. I can only suggest that you all have a listen to the
standout track to see if Part Island will work for you. I know it works for me...hence why its on
this list.

Standout Track: Moorland Is The Sea

For Fans Of: Isis, Pelican, Neurosis

+ Meatwound ~ Culero +
August 2nd
Label: Financial Ruin, Dead Tank & Pax Aeternum

Raw, fast, ugly & slow...all words I could use to describe Florida hardcore outfit Meatwound.
Culero (the band's third album) is a full force attack of loud, caustic, abrasive sludge that
has little to no consideration for melody or subtly. This band wants to peel your face off &
make your ears bleed at the same time...& I respect them for that.

Standout Track: Elders

For Fans Of: Helmet, Left Behind, Mantar

+ Obsequiae ~ The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings +
November 22nd
Label: 20 Buck Spin

Well...its going to be hard to talk about this one. I've never really been able to listen to much
"black metal" in the last 20+ years of being a metal fan...but I think I've finally found the type
of black metal I want to listen to. Obsequiae deliver what is a unique blend of folk & black
metal with beautifully melodic guitar parts which contrast haunting well with the reverb
heavy, black metal vocals. The harp led intermissions throughout add a overall medieval
& mystic quality to the album which makes its highly unique & listenable. Please give this
band a chance as they are tuly doing something special for the metal genre as a whole.

Standout Track: The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings

For Fans Of: Dissection, Agalloch, Rotting Christ

+ Pelican ~ Nighttime Stories +
June 7th
Label: Southern Lord Recordings

So after a 6 year gap between albums (& a deep personal tragedy hitting the band hard) the
mighty Pelican took flight once again this year with Nighttime Stories...and its glorious. There
truly is no other way to describe this 45 minute opus of instrumental "post-metal" & I seriously
recommend every one here go out of their way to give Pelican some of your time.

Standout Track: Midnight & Mescaline

For Fans Of: Isis, Neurosis, Cult of Luna

+ Poppy ~ Choke +
June 28th
Label: I'm Poppy/Mad Descent

Poppy is an interesting case for me. I understand she is a "character" with a lot of "content"
branching out over many different forms of media...but I honestly only care about the music
she makes. Next year Poppy will release an album through Sumerian Records but for this year
she released this 5 track EP which I found incredibly fun to listen to. I'm not really sure what
this woman is about...but I do enjoy her music & the fact she's moving into the metal genre
only makes me more curious.

Standout Track: Scary Mask

For Fans Of: I honestly have no idea...Synthwave Porn Pop Metal?

+ Sunn O))) ~ Life Metal/Pyroclasts +
April 13th/October 25th
Label: Southern Lord Recordings

(And just for the record the bands name is simply pronounced Sun)

Oh I'd never really seen the appeal of the "drone" genre & have basically avoided it
for the last 25 years of my life. I've never met anyone who listens to "drone metal" & have never
even really done any research the genre. I just didn't care enough to worry about it.


After reading a review for Life Metal (Which might be the best album title since Album of
the Year
by Faith No More) I finally decided to give "drone metal" a chance...and well..I
think I get it now. You can't really approach the drone genre as you would other metal.

Its more about meditation & contemplation...which is not an approach many metal fans
would care to take. Either way...if you have an open mind & can "break through the drone
wall" Sunn O))) can be a truly rewarding & life changing listening experience.

Standout Track(s): Between Sleipnir's Breaths/Frost(C)

For Fans Of: Earth, Boris, Ulver

+ The Offering ~ Home +
August 2nd
Label: Century Media Records

Do you want something fast, melodic, energetic & powerful? Well here comes The Offering to prove
Home is where the metal is. Its not hard to describe what The Offering have to offer (HA!) All you
have to do is imagine a "stripped down" Slipknot performing power metal songs with Rob Halford
(from Judas Priest) performing the vocals. I'm not lying when I say that. Check it out for yourself.

Standout Track: Ultraviolence

For Fans Of: Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Slipknot now that's about I just show you guys some actual lists yeah?

+ My Top 40 Albums Of 2019 + (In Alphabetical Order)
01). Bad Wolves ~ N.A.T.I.O.N
02). Big Business ~ The Beast You Are
03). Black Sites ~ Exile
04). Book Of Wyrms ~ Remythologizer
05). Bring Me the Horizon ~ Amo
06). Candlemass ~ The Door To Doom
07). Cane Hill ~ Kill The Sun
08). Cerebral Rot ~ Odious Descent Into Decay
09). Contrarian ~ Their Worm Never Dies
10). Devin Townsend ~ Empath
11). Disentomb - The Decaying Light
12). Distant ~ Tyrannotophia
13). Exhorder ~ Mourn The Southern Skies
14). Gurt ~ Bongs Of Praise
15). Jinjer ~ Micro/Macro
16). Killswitch Engage ~ Atonement
17). Korn ~ The Nothing
18). Krypts ~ Cadaver Circulation
19). Latitudes ~ Part Island
20). Lochness ~ Black Smokers
21). Magic Circle ~ Departed Souls
22). Meatwound ~ Culero
23). Nightfell ~ A Sanity Deranged
24). Obsequiae ~ The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings
25). Pelican ~ Nighttime Stories
26). Penguin On Fire ~ Casket Builder
27). Poppy ~ Choke
28). Rammstein ~ Rammstein
29). Rowsdower ~ The Michael Jordans Of Suicide
30). Sacred Reich ~ Awakening
31). Sempiternal Dusk ~ Cenotaph Of Defectuous Creation
32). Slipknot ~ We Are Not Your Kind
33). Spirit Adrift ~ Divided By Darkness
34). Sunn O))) ~ Life Metal/Pyroclasts
35). The Offering ~ Home
36). Thy Art Is Murder ~ Human Target
37). Tomb Mold ~ Planetary Clairvoyance
38). Vltimas ~ Something Wicked Marches
39). Weedsnake ~ Cannabinoide
40). Witch Vomit ~ Buried Deep In A Grave

+ My Top 40 Songs Of 2019 + (In Alphabetical Order)
01). Bad Wolves ~ I'll Be There
02). Big Business ~ The Moor You Know
03). Black Sites ~ The Night They Came For You
04). Book Of Wyrms ~ Blacklight Warpriest
05). Bring Me the Horizon ~ Sugar, Honey, Ice & Tea
06). Candlemass ~ Astorolus - The Great Octopus
07). Cane Hill ~ Empty
08). Cerebral Rot ~ Swamped In Festering Excrementia
09). Contrarian ~ My Curse
10). Devin Townsend ~ Evermore
11). Disentomb ~ Invocation In The Cathedral Of Dust
12). Distant ~ Abhorrence
13). Exhorder ~ Hallowed Sound
14). Gurt ~ Rolling Stoned
15). Jinjer ~ Teacher, Teacher!/On The Top
16). Killswitch Engage ~ Unleashed
17). Korn ~ Can You Hear Me
18). Krypts ~ The Reek Of Loss
19). Latitudes ~ Moorland Is The Sea
20). Lochness ~ Sea Weed
21). Magic Circle ~ I've Found My Way To Die
22). Meatwound ~ Elders
23). Nightfell ~ The Swallowing Of Flies
24). Obsequiae ~ The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings
25). Pelican ~ Midnight & Mescaline
26). Penguin On Fire ~ Good Morning, Farmer/Tractor
27). Poppy ~ Scary Mask
28). Rammstein ~ Ausländer
29). Rowsdower ~ AUM
30). Sacred Reich ~ Awakening
31). Sempiternal Dusk ~ Orgiastic Feast Upon Martyred Flesh
32). Slipknot ~ Nero Forte
33). Spirit Adrift ~ Born into Fire
34). Sunn O))) ~ Between Sleipnir's Breaths/Frost(C)
35). The Offering ~ Ultraviolence
36). Thy Art Is Murder ~ New Gods
37). Tomb Mold ~ Infinite Resurrection
38). Vltimas ~ Monolilith
39). Weedsnake ~ Homocannabilis
40). Witch Vomit ~ From Rotten Guts

And about I hand out some meaningless "Awards" as well?

+ My Album(s) of the Year +
Sunn O))) ~ Life Metal/Pyroclasts

2019 was the year I finally gave Sunn O))) a fair chance...and shockingly...I was able to
"break through the wall" & fully immerse myself in their hallowed choirs of guitar driven

+ My Record Label of the Year +
20 Buck Spin



This label provided 7 of my top 40 (42?) albums of the year & I will admit I listened to
every album they released in 2019. I am very much hoping they can keep their release
quality as high as it has been going into 2020.

+ The "Play This For The Doubters" Award +
Devin Townsend ~ Empath
Obsequiae ~ The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings

I had to share this award because both these albums showed how beautifully brutal &
constructively creative metal music can be.

+ The "Easiest" Listening Album of the Year +
Sacred Reich ~ Awakening

Possibly the most "fun" album I listened to this year. Hopefully the Reich won't keep us
waiting too long for their next release.

+ The "Comeback" Album of the Year +
Sacred Reich

While both Exhorder & Candlemass could have easily laid claim to this award...I just
couldn't go past the Reich in 2019.

+ The Best "New" Band +

While I personally found a horde of new bands this year...Lochness was by far the best.
Black Smokers was a stunning debut album & I hope this band continues to expand &
grow as artists in the years to come.

Also you can get their album from here...for free if you want it.

Black Smokers, by Lochness

+ The Most Metal Month of the Year +

10 albums in my Top 40 (42?) were released in August...which is ironic considering its
the month of my birth.

+ The "Why Don't I like This?" Award +
Babymetal ~ Metal Galaxy

I want to like Babymetal...& I really should...but apart from the odd song here & there...
I just can't make a connection with this band.

+ The "Too Much, Too Late" Award +
Tool ~ Fear Inoculum

Seeing as it took them 13 years to write, record & release it...I'll finally get around to listening
to it in 2032. I'll let you know what I think then.

+ The Album Cover of the Year Award +
Sunn O))) ~ Life Metal

+ The Most Anticipated Release(s) of 2020 Award +
Sepultura ~ Quadra
Poppy ~ I Disagree

Hopefully Sepultura can top Machine Messiah (although for me that is a tall order) & I'm
honestly just curious to see what Poppy serves up on Sumerian Records.

Well...that 2019 (nearly) done & dusted...and hopefully 2020 is filled with just as many
new discoveries, great albums & kick ass tunes.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this article...and I hope it encourages you to
give a few of these artists a listen.

Any thoughts, comments, opinions & abuse are welcome to be posted below...and as
always I'll see you all around the traps.

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