Regal & Jericho going at it on twitter.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 20, 2012.

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  1. :yay::lol1:
  2. Damn Regal owned him. Y2J saying he doesn't do much. Then Regal basically saying that he does a lot more work than him but never gets credit for it. :dawg:
  3. Pure gold there. :haha:
  4. Nice one Regal.
  5. While Jericho is a trolling master; Regal is the guru.
  6. Only William Regal. Noone else can pull this off.
  7. Dat mother fucker got PWNT!
  8. Regal > Jericho
  9. I want a feud between these two. Long, intense feud.
  10. Posted this in May. -.-
  11. Like we care, it's Jericho and Regal this shit is timeless.
  12. Sadly, Y2J got #pwned :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. Regal > Jericho.

    Flame on, queerbags.
  14. Coming from a guy who likes Botch Cara. :haha:
  15. I think everyone agrees with you in this instance lol.
  16. Coming from a guy who likes the most overrated midcarder in history. :haha:
  17. Cara was probably a bigger national star, the guy out drew Cena at one point. However I'd say Jericho had the better career, so many notable moments and great matches which a wider world wide audience would have seen. I personally prefer Chris as a performer, as he's alot more versatile, Cara does Lucha really well, but that's all he does. Jericho can brawl, fly and mat wrestle plus cut an epic promo.
  18. Jericho's a phenomenal wrestler indeed. But overall, his career hasn't been that good. Sure he's had the accolades, but from 2005-2012 he hasn't achieved that much. Not saying Sin Cara's done more, at all, but Jericho's done jack this return...
  19. Tbh, Cara has achieved a crazy amount. He was the equivalent of John Cena in stature at CMLL as their top dog, even drawing more money than Cena in 2008 I think it was. That's one thing Chris has never done, he's never been the top dog which is a bigger thing to me personally than winning titles.
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