Regal on being squashed by Brodus Clay.

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  1. Pretty good short interview which put Brodus over whilst not being mindless pandering.
  2. I'd love him to manage (or associate) with Brodus as a face. Regal isn't a heel any-more, the fans actually love him. Why this guy isn't on our screens every week baffles me, and frustrates me. "I was an original raver me mate in 1986".
  3. Brodus would easily destroy Regal. I can almost guarentee that. Plus, Kayfabe won't want Brodus to lose yet.
  4. @[RKO] What do you mean by that?
    I liked Regal when he was with Eugene.
  5. Because Regal is getting old now, and Brodus has just as much skill as Regal did when Regal was European champ. Also, Brodus has the weight advantage as well. All around though, if you look at NXT and FCW, Brodus has an immense ammount of skill.
  6. Ha! Regal would own Brodus, no doubt about that. Regal used to be one of the best grappler's there was in his day. Shame we don't see more of him, especially his dancing lol :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  7. Yeah Regal is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in WWE. Still, he's got great ability. Kayfabe obviously Brodus is stronger, he's younger, bigger and WWE won't push Regal at his age. Though I'd want to see Regal associated with RAW in some way, I can't see why he can't manage Brodus or something.
  8. Brodus doesn't really need him. Regal has to be paired with someone who lacks mic skills imo to help them develop.
  9. Regal + Kidd?
  10. That would be epic. Its a shame they're not using regal a short feud with Bryan would be so easy to write.
  11. Not only that, the matches would be great. Imagine the chemistry from the former tutor & student.
  12. Fixed.
  13. Says the Kane mark. Name me one match he's had that was better then Regal vs Bryan in 2011?

    I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but saying Regal still isn't a great in ring talent is pure blasphemy.
  14. This this and this!
  15. Regal still can put on a match!
    However if he is going to be getting squashed like that every other week then keep him on NXT commentary or I might aswell start it now
    Regal for RAW GM!?...(again)
  16. I'd love him to be GM. I'd start him on SmackDown, I love Johnny Ace atm.

    You in the discussion thread (RAW) tonight @[NW1989] :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. I'd prefer him on commentary tbh. Raw needs someone to freshen up cole and king. I hate teddy long but he isn't on tv a great deal so he's kind of bearable.
  18. @[Crayo] no unfortunately, work calls in the morning! Will be next week though

    I actually think he was an awesome GM until he got suspended and have been ever since wanting him back in that role :/
  19. I just want him on TV, period. SmackDown GM + RAW Announcer, sounds good to me.

    Dayum, but woo glad you will be next week :walkman: