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  1. I'd love to see Regal get a push. He's a talented superstar and he does great at being an announcer for NXT. He doesn't need a title push, all he needs is to be in more matches. He was a great Intercontinental Champion. So do you think he needs a push?
  2. Too late for that.
  3. Love to see it, obviously, but way too late now.
  4. His career is pretty much done now.
  5. Yeah I guess it is. I loved to see him use Brass Knuckles
  6. I wish we could see that, but he's already retired, semi-retired at least.
  7. He needs to be a manager.
  8. The SmackDown manager
  9. Jesus no. Raw, I don't want him to burn along with the rest of Smackdown. :eww:
  10. Regal has nothing left to prove. He is well respected within the company and pretty old in wrestling years
  11. My favorite part of his career is when he joined the Kiss My Ass Club. :regal:
  12. I would have loved for a Regal Push a few years before he got suspended.
  13. My favorite part of Cody Rhodes' career is when he got he face squished by Big Show. :smug: :finger:
  14. Regal has nothing else to prove really. A world championship run would have been nice, but I don't think he needs that now. He has proven to be great in the ring, a great backstage worker, and can being a good manager/general manager. He still puts talent over every once in a while so that is good, but he doesn't need a push anymore. Regal is one of the best guys to never hold a world championship, sad tragedy, but that's how it is sadly.
  15. Yeah he did WWE Good
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