Regarding Daniel Bryan's Concussion

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. If this concussion is as serious as it seems, and Bryan misses a few weeks of in-ring action, do you think it halts his momentum?
    I think the fans will still be behind him, but will management continue with his push? Could you see them going the ziggler route and placing him firmly back in the mid-card? Let me know what you think before Raw tonight.
  2. I don't think it will hurt Bryan too much. He's still so over with the fans and I think he's one of the most recognized faces of the company. It would be ridiculously stupid for them to completely drop him and put him back in the midcard after the concussion.
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  3. I agree GG. He is the most popular wrestler in the world right now, yes I said it, world.
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  4. If anything it will hype him up even more. Dude has been on fire for so long now, I doubt him missing a few weeks will effect that. He ain't Fandango. lol
  5. Work it into TV. Have Bryan on TV, only not wrestling. Have the authority (I'd go with Kane or Steph since Hunter is locked with Punk now) deny him time in the ring. Best way to keep his momentum going but keep him safe. Deny the fans what they want but keep him on TV. Like when Vince forbid Stone Cold from wrestling.
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  6. Great call^
  7. Him going into Dolph Ziggler territory would mean a lot more than just being shot back into the midcard. It would mean jobbing in 99.9% of your matches and never being booked in relevant programs. Bryan will never receive that kind of booking, let alone anytime soon. His momentum the past two years has survived a lot more than just missing ring time (not TV time), so this won't be an issue. Besides, reports say that Vince wants some type of big moment for Bryan at Wrestlemania that will get the entire stadium chanting YES in unison, so there's that.

    IF Bryan is cleared to compete at the Rumble and is booked to win it, then I think it'd be wise to have the concussion play into it. Have The Authority tell him on Raw tonight that he isn't cleared to compete, which gets the fans very pissed off. Meanwhile, leave a few Rumble spots open heading into the PPV just to give people the hope that Bryan could be cleared within the week and end up filling one of them. Then when the Rumble match goes down, every time the clock counts down, the fans keep anticipating that it's Bryan and every time it's not, they end up a little disappointed. Then when it gets all the way down to #30, Bryan's music hits and the arena (I would assume) explodes. Then he goes on to win the match and receive another big ovation.
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  8. I like that idea. Having him shown as not being in the RR and having him come out at 30. :obama:

  9. He'll be back to where he belongs, out of the main event. He can take his tiny hippy dick back to WWE Superstars & let the real men like Orton, Batista, & Brock hold the belt.
  10. womp womp womp
  11. Yeah that's a hell of a retort.
  12. Lol. fuck Orton
  13. Gee thanks guy
  14. Go for it. He divorced his wife.
  15. D Bry is better than Ziggler by far so I am sure he will be fine
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