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  1. So please bear with me, I haven't really been following anything WWE or Wrestling related for about a year or more now but I heard Rey Mysterio is not in the WWE anymore and I would be really sad if this were true.

    Rey is my absolute favorite Wrestler of all time, is it true that he has departed from the WWE and if yes, what was the reason?

    Is there any possibility that he might return and what are his plans for the future if known? Rey made the WWE interesting to me, the only other Wrestler I genuinely like is Randy Orton (is he still there?)

    Please help me out with some information, I'd really appreciate it, as I am trying to get back into the WWE stuff!
  2. I feel you, when I was a kid, he was my favorite as well. Rey left WWE like a year ago because he didn't feel like working for them anymore. He wasn't being used and there were a ton of Mexican wrestling organisations that would have loved to welcome him, so he just let his contract expire and decided to be an independent guy.

    oh, and he also killed a man.
  3. . He sustained several injuries and was out for a period of time. If I remember correctly it was a wrist injury that was most significant. During this period of time he wanted to leave but because he had missed too many dates due to injury, WWE extended his contract for a period of time without his consent...which was completely withing their right to do legally. I guess the contract ended and he went to AAA for a while. I'm not as well schooled on the behind the scenes legal stuff as a few other members who could explain it better than I could.

    But if you like Rey Mysterio, just watch Lucha Underground. He's been on their show this season and it is one of the absolute best American wrestling shows in existence right... personally I think it's the best American show.
  4. He probably got enough money from WWE to leave and just go through indie wrestling and promote any company he joins. Regarding Randy Orton, I heard rumours that he is getting released. Don't hold me against that, but given his anger issues and his injuries; it makes sense. I also heard, however, that he is going to be back at SummerSlam.
  5. Yeah, he's done with WWE.

    Now, go watch Lucha Underground to see your favorite wrestler, Rey Mysterio.
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  6. Rey's last dash was his 2011 run for the title, he wrestled if I remember correctly 5 televised matches in 8 days. It was incredible seeing him carve a significant niche on the program for a while in the middle of Punk's meteoric rise and feud with Cena. It was all downhill from there on with the injuries and all ending in a bit of a less than graceful departure.

    Huge respect for Rey as a performer though. He was THE underdog before being underdog became cool. Nowadays, every third performer on the main roster seems to be having an indistinguishable underdog gimmick.
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  7. I believe Rey's last WWE appearance was WrestleMania XXX in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (irony is ironic). Before that I think he was a surprise entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble, and the poor guy nearly got booed out of the building because he wasn't Daniel Bryan. Injuries and the fact that the writers had no idea what to do with him kept him off TV, but the WWE kept extending his contract because they didn't want Ray to help out AAA or the fledgling Lucha Underground. Rey's contract finally expired in late 2014/early 2015 and he's been working with those two promotions since.

    Randy Orton's still around. However, he's been hurt since mid-2015. However however, he should be returning soon.
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