Regional slang words

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  1. I saw this online today and I thought it would make for interesting conversation here since I have had many a conversation on this topic previously in my life. Also, since many of you on here are from other countries I thought that might up the intresting level a little.

    Do you use any of the ones that pertain to your area? I can say that the 2 that were mentioned as being specifically from Maine I NEVER use, but most of the generic New England ones I definitely use.
  2. fuck this guys east coast bias
  3. Yeah that guy is wicked annoying (see I used wicked!) but I thought the topic might be fun. Especially the soda vs. pop vs. whatever one
  4. I say soda. Anything else is barbaric
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  5. My grandpa used to call Soda soda water lol. Then again, he also called a pillow pillar, so maybe it was a early 1900 thing.
  6. Huh, I think they still technically make soda water. Or am I thinking of seltzer water? Probably
  7. Soda water is still made, but he called all soda, soda water lol.
  8. soda water is like club soda, no?
  9. Yes it is. I make it at my house all the time.
  10. Hella.... Big part of my vocabulary also I call any soda a coke. If you're from the bay you should know that happens

  11. Oh really? lol
  12. hella obviously. never noticed a disproportionate number of people referring to soda as anything. some say coke, soda, pop, ect. mixed bag. I always cringe when people say 'pop' or call shit that isn't coke coke though

    Now that I think about it though rarely do I refer to soda by anything other than whatever it is. if I'm drinking Mountain Dew or dr pepper I just refer to it as that
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