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  1. We talk about what we'd like to do, what we'd want to do and have many different ambitions. I created this thread for the sole purpose of stating what you regret the most as an individual, something you've done or an opportunity you missed.

    It can be based upon: loved ones, education, hobbies, work, wrong decisions & choices, sexual life; anything.
  2. I regret deciding when i was younger to start smoking.
  3. Smoking. Was such a stupid move.
  4. Should say dui, but there is this really fat girl...

    Nah ill go DUI #1, id still be in Cali.
  5. Regretted being harsh to my cousin during my childhood. He, turns out, was really awesome and I only had a short time being with him before he died in a car accident 6 months ago.
  6. Bringing Adam to this forum
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  8. I don't really have any regrets at the moment. I don't tend to keep any for long, guess it's part of my apathetic nature but I just really don't see the point. I never really had any big regrets though, like the ones mentioned above. I'm honestly scrambling to think of something worth mentioning that I regretted at one point but the best I can come up with is agreeing to see Baby Mama in theatres with my family as it was terrible movie.
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  9. I regret joining and spending so much time on this shit hole of a forum.
  10. I'm going to avoid saying any 'real bad' regrets because honestly, none of them really effect me now. It's just a shitty part of my past now.

    I'm going to go with a cheesy, cliche confession about wishing I continued watching WWE after the 90's, when I still lived in another country. There's just so much that went on then and now that I've wished I seen or even know about actually.
  11. Not taking that God damn Brownie Sandwich with me before I left work.

    Don't really regret anything. I know shit happens. If I love someone and they love someone else, good for them, there's other people to choose from. Wrong decisions? Life is full of mistakes, just learn from them and move on. Work? I don't regret anything aside from not taking some drinks or food home when I stay up late. I don't regret any hobby I have/had. I don't regret anything in my sexual life because I can life my life happily without sticking my penis in another guy's butt or girl's butt or vagina. Loved ones, I did all I could. People die all the time, I choose to move on then to think about what if scenarios since it won't happen or do anything. I do choose to keep their memories alive though, so that they are not forgotten. Education is meh.
  12. I regret telling Crayo that Downing was my favorite football player.