Reigns as a Heyman guy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. So Brock is on his way out soon. Assuming Reigns is the man to take the title from him, would it then make sense (or would you like it) to have Heyman be Roman's manager? He's not the best mic worker so having Heyman could work if WWE want Reigns at the top for a while.
    Would Reigns turn heel? Would Heyman turn face? Is this the stupidest idea/thought ever?

    I'm only a casual watcher of WWE recently, highlights and such, and this was just a thought I had.
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    There's a possibility of Reigns being the new Heyman guy, sure, but just not now. I think Rollins will be the new Heyman guy once Brock is out.

    I'm pulling for Bryan to defeat Bork at Mania, actually... Then Bork would go ballistic on Bryan for losing to him and then Rollins would cash in on a weakened D-Bry immediately after the assault and with Bork leaving, Rollins would be the new Heyman guy and the new WWE-WHC. This is just my fantasy-booking.
  3. I think Heyman is the last thing Reigns needs personally.

    They're trying to groom Roman to be the new Cena, so I don't think Heyman would personally help him evolve. It could work, but I don't think it should happen this soon. I'd just rather Reigns get more comfortable on the microphone so he can improve rather than Heyman building him up as a monster.
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  4. If Heyman is going to be paired with anyone else after Lesnar it'll be Rollins most likely since the two are already working together in a way. Say if Reigns does defeat the beast incarnate Heyman could look to Rollins to right the wrongs that transpired. Although, Seth doesn't need Heyman at all but Heyman could really help sell the feud between the two at least.

    If they put Heyman with Reigns then they could pull a double turn with him and Rollins which would make for a nice twist, it's pretty un-probable though.
  5. Hm... Idk. The way they're going with Reigns I highly doubt they'd do that this year, unless the crowd turns on him really, really bad (which I don't see happening).
  6. It's definitely not happening this year. Rollins will be that guy this year, imo.

    If the crowd does turn on Reigns, well it's not like I'd lose sleep at night over it or anything. lol
  7. The Heyman guy? Don't think Rollins really needs Heyman, but it would be fun.
  8. I mean, they've kinda shown signs of it happening with this whole 'alliance' they've got going on.
  9. It'd definitely be v beneficial for him. Heyman would be able to teach him a lot
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  10. True.

    But turning him now might not be a good idea, maybe by the end of 2015.
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