News Reigns has emergency surgery

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  1. Damn, Hernias can be pretty serious depending on where they are located. And incarcerated hernias are mostly common in the abdomen area. He could be out for a while if unlucky.
  2. It'll most likely set up the return of Ambrose Sunday night to resume the feud with Rollins.

    Get better soon Roman.
  3. Awww come on. :sad1:
    Get well soon, Roman. <3333
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  4. Well, that sucks... 2014 has surely been a shitty year for WWE, product-wise, the guys getting injured frequently, some of them wanting to walk out and stuff...

    Get well soon, big man.
  5. Don't know loads about it but that doesn't sound great hope he's ok!
  6. Pulled from Night of Champions. Welp, one less match to look forward to.
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if they used his injury as an angle to return at the Rumble.

    It's kindof ironic really, the one guy that the WWE has been dead set on pushing gets injured. Anyways, hope it isn't too bad.
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  8. They could just say Rollins attacked him and injured him.
  9. After checking up some stuff on this and cross checking with other communities. The OSWreview posted an expected recovery time for a surgery like this: he should be back in 6 weeks, but it's not recommended to participate in athletic activity for 3 months due to risking the stitches coming undone, undoing the entire surgery.

    When it was the WWE themselves that reported him going to the hospital with a hernia?
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  10. Yup, they could. But with no video to show the actual attack? Doesn't make any sense.
  11. Except for the fact that WWE has already reported the out of character injury. How are they going to explain Rollins beating a hernia in the abdomen onto Reigns?
  12. WWE reported Batista was injured in 2009 but then they said Orton and Legacy attacked him, with no video of the attack.
  13. And that's dumb.

    If you do a attack angle, you get footage to actually sell it.
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  14. Exactly. It doesn't make sense, man.
  15. Just a theory.
  16. It's a dumb one.
  17. :youdontsay:
  18. :yeah:
  19. Bryan, Harper, Reigns.

    The injuries are adding on.
  20. It's Reigns not Reings.. ha DUMBASS! no but seriously thank you hernia.. that match should not have happened just yet.
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