Reigns Head Injury

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, May 16, 2014.

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  1. It shouldn't be enough to keep him out of action imo. It should make for a nice looking war scar, actually. I hate seeing a large gash that close to someone's eyeball though, since any injuries to the eyes makes me incredibly squeamish.
  2. Yeah its not going to be a huge issue. But I thought it was post worthy as its a beast of a gash. Plus I'm with you with it being so close to his eye and deep it had me squirm.
  3. Damn, huge gash.
  4. yes it is and it good that roman was not on eyeball then it be every a bad thing to happen
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  5. I'm a wrestling fan from the internet so naturally I'm going to blame that 100% on Randy Orton.

    Wish Tgim was here to see this comment and shit on me for it :/
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  6. He's had like 3 cuts over that eye since January. Jeez.
  7. you are right about that see he from my hometown and I just hope he just beat the evaluation in the payback ppv
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  8. that gash is wider than Crayo's
  9. Ahh I was wondering what happened to his eye when he showed up on RAW last week, surprised I didn't notice this topic nor news article while reading shit myself throughout the week.

    It was due to a header into the stairs right? Not sure Orton could've prevented that I think he just hit it in an odd spot.
  10. Never give up Reigns.
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    Is it just me or does Reigns looks like he has a Vagina on his brow ?
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  13. That could of been worse. Good to know he's patched up and doing fine (hopefully), even though he's really been prone to injuring his eye(s) for a while now. Be careful out there, Roman! We don't want another top, rising star out because of an injury.
  14. That's because it is a vagina photoshopped in place of the cut.
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    OMG I just died laughing at this comment
  16. Hey, @JwabHDTV and @Ironman666 , although I find it hilarious - now that I think about it as a mod I feel I need to ask you guys to take down the images of an actual vagina. thanks. We've got special spots for those images :bodallas:
  17. Use your newly rewarded powers =P
  18. Indeed, but I thought they should be given a chance first :emoji_wink:
    If I have to though
  19. that would probably work better if they were online though :facepalm1:
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