reigns is ruinin the buisness

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Idiot #1, May 3, 2016.

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  1. whats the crack with roman. he cant wrestle for toffee. if i wanted to see a greased up lad with long hair id go to a gigalo. i want to c proper wrestlers like orton and owens. not a lad whos about as fun as a wenches wet fart.

    at the end of the day its cena all ova again. its not fair 4 us propa fans. something needs to be done about it. u know this goin to last years and another generatoin of fans r going to be jaded bastards.

    the suits upstairs need to go.
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  2. totally agree with you lad, what happened to the good old days when you could go down to the local boozer and have a pint without having to worry about wwe being so frivolous
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  3. its a load of shite. why wasnt orton given a chance liek this. hed bring the nin fans to wrestlin. vinny can kiss that lot gudbye.

    stick up ur arse wwe. we want a workhorse not a racehorse.
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  4. Wenches wet farts are the fucking best.
  5. Your forum name describes you very well.. Good choice.
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  6. Lost a few years since you last log on? Spelling like a 9 year old.
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  7. 'fun as a wenches wet fart' - LOL'd. How do you come up with all this stuff?

    At the end of the day. Get your spelling right, m8. It's still 'friverlous'. :sheamful:
  8. It's been a while, lad.
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  9. I think what ever illness he's contracted has finally began to affect his brain.

    On that note, welcome back, lad, I see the Orton and NIN Fetish hasn't grown out yet.
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  10. spelling is friverlous lads. who gives a shit

    at the end of the day reigns is all furcoat and no knickers. the marquee says wrestlin not vacous muscles and looks. vince ruined lives by pushin johnny c for years on end. he made lads jaded to his greats business.

    and guess what. you lads and wenches do shit about it.
  11. I can wrestle for toffee... Tastes quite good in coffee.

    Also... Randy is always greased up and looks more like a monkey than Roman. :hmmm:
  12. You know you ran a schtick into the ground when I haven't seen it for years but the first time I do I'm just like oh this fucking played out shit still
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  13. since when was Orton a proper wrestler? He's just as basic as any other "Top WWE guy" creation.
  14. Randy is a stupid name for a wrestler lad, I do not want to know about his sexual state. He is a little pansy running around in his little trunks. Also look at this my good lad [​IMG]
    Only girls and fags do this shit. Regins would never do this he is a proper gentleman not a fairy.
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  15. The more I think about the first name, randy, and read the comment saying he's greased up, I picture a trailer park boy (lol) with a fat greasy belly who wears no shirts and bangs the trailer park supervisor.

    I like the guy as a wrestler though lol hope he comes back soon.
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  16. Reigns has had everything handed to him, when he said AJ Styles earned his respect I had to cringe, Styles has been in the buisiness way longer than Reigns, Roman is talking like a fool. He's talking to a motherfucking professional who got to the top the right way, unlike Reigns who just has to look pretty, smile and wear suits at press conferences. This ain't right.
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  17. You are a mark
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  18. Imagine taking a Tgmiveld thread seriously, but since I am here.....

    have you gotten worked? Are we ignoring the years Roman spent in developmental? Working in front of crowds of 20-50 people, carrying the ring in and out of buildings, setting up chairs, handing out fliers on the street etc etc etc.

    Not even touching on the 2, almost 3 years he spent as part of the Shield.

    The "Roman did not pay his dues and was brought up the wrong way" myth is one of the biggest in professional wrestling today.
    Yes Roman was placed in the main even scene post Shield, but so were the other 2 guys as well. Or is it okay for them because they had independent runs?

    I'm not Roman's biggest fan. But lets not eat the stupid narrative that this dude just walked into a championship run because he looks pretty. This dude paid his dues just as much as anyone else there.
  19. Really? But that's it? Did he spend any time in the indies or local companies?
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  20. yep
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