Reigns isn't ready - Stone Cold SAYS!

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  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin has said Roman Reigns isn’t ready to be a top star.

    Speaking to Ring Rust Radio, the Texas Rattlesnake opined that Reigns isn’t ready to be a franchise at the same level as himself or The Rock. “Roman Reigns isn’t quite there yet,” he said.

    However, he does think The Big Dog could get there one day, and said “he does have a great opportunity if he ends up taking on Triple H or whoever they put in the ring with him. They got work to do.

    Saying “they got work to do” is an understatement, and it sounds like Austin is trying to be polite about how WWE’s creative has screwed Reigns up so much.

    As for his own WrestleMania 32 role, Austin confirmed he will be there, but isn’t sure what his role will be.

    One rumour had been WWE will make him the special referee for the Hunter vs Reigns match, which given the comments about Reigns not being ready, could now turn out to be a little awkward.

    With The Rock expected in Reigns’ corner, one scenario is that Austin will count Reigns’ pinfall over Triple H. Rock and Austin would then hoist Reigns up on their shoulders, as if to signify a passing of the torch and to say this is the new franchise.


    Thoughts? I mean this is nothing new. Other wrestlers have said it, the fans say it week in and out... ehh.
  2. I would very much enjoy it if at Wrestlemania Stone Cold gives Reigns a stunner after his match with HHH
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Is he not ready to be the face of current WWE or not ready to be on the level of SCSA/Rock? Because these are two very different things. News flash SCSA, ain't no up and comer on that roster that will ever shine like you and Rock did.

    oh and Reigns on Rock/Austin's shoulders sounds so cringe lol. Fans would riot and I'm not even into the whole "hey let's hijack the show and boo the guys they want to push!" shit
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  5. Austin stunnering Reigns and costing him the championship would get him the biggest possible reaction that night. He should just do that.

    Austin will probably end up being the host of WM32. Rock and Hogan have already hosted their own Wrestlemanias, might as well complete the trifecta. I don't want to see him involved in the main event in any way. Him raising Reigns' hand in victory (especially if Rock were there at the same time raising his other arm) would be so forced.
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  6. May as well have confetti too... oh, wait...

    I feel like this should be a great WM but they have too many ways, as of right now, that can really screw it up for the fans.
  7. WWE have done all they can with Reigns. They have tried every approach you can possibly get and it just hasn't worked and will never work in my opinion. It's the fans telling the WWE that this isn't our guy and we want something else. Yes the WWE screwed up with some of the booking for Reigns but the overall result would've been the same regardless of how many mistakes they made with him. It's not the fault of Roman Reigns who I happen to think wears his heart on his sleeve and always puts on great performances no matter how the fans react to him not to mention working a proper full time schedule.

    They need to accept that you can't force a star on the fans and tell them who to like. It just doesn't work like that. I think this kind of mind set shows how bad behind the scenes is now in the wrestling business. WWE just seem to be unable to adapt to changes that this new generation brings and just stuck in the past when it comes to trying to take the industry forward.
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  8. What they should do is let him get over as heel first. Being a heel will make it easier on him and the crowd. He was over when he was heel.
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  9. Stone Cold stuns Reigns and Triple H pins him AUSTIN 3:16 SAYS TRIPLE H JUST KICKED YOUR ASS:finger:

    Something tells me a ton of people would enjoy that ending way better than Roman winning.
  10. WWE fucked up with Reigns? He is pushed to the moon and as protected as anyone can be. HE is the reason he isn't getting over, and he will never be on the level with Rock/Austin because he eats shit every time he holds up a microphone. No one in the roster ATM is getting over like Rock or Austin did because of the leash they keep on.
  11. If you do that, you fuck up the entire Rollins run.
  12. Yes but his injury kinds messed it up so at this point, why continue to push a face that shouldn't be one? Cena was a heel for years before he became the face of the company.
  13. Hindsight is 20/20 bro, this isn't a video game.
  14. Then why does Vince keep replaying the same level? :ohyeah:
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  15. He doesn't need to be 'ready'... He's main-eventing WrestleMania and is going to win the World Title.. It's hard to be ready unless you have experience in that top spot.

    Reigns can get booed all he wants, WWE shouldn't be concerned with that.. Any handpicked guy by WWE is going to get booed.. WWE fans just think it's cool to go against the grain like that... I bet if a report came out tomorrow about Dean Ambrose being Vince's new favorite guy, his popularity will slowly diminish.
  16. :ambrose2: I don't think so. They would likely say it is about damn time.
  17. Ambrose is a boring fuck try hard with stupid ass facial expressions

    there, I said it.
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  18. I know for a fact you're wrong about that.
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  19. Every character is boring, aside from Lesnar and HHH. That's what happens when nobody gets across as authentic. It's hard to invest in anyone when the WWE doesn't let the wrestlers invest in themselves. They tried with Wyatt, but when he never wins it gets canceled out.

    As for Austin's shoot, he's right. Rock would've never gotten over if they kept him as good guy Maivia. He needs to become a heel to get over as a face. Weird logic that when someone is bad and tells everyone to f themselves then they get cheered, but it works. Roman is more than capable to main event WM, he already has proven it. Sucks he's going to get booed, but WWE needs to cut their losses after that and turn him.

    I'll never understand why they just didn't add the stip Shane & Vince had to Roman's match, though. Everyone loves Shane, and they probably would've cheered Roman by proxy. The crowd loves HHH, but they hate The Authority. They wouldn't have been as behind him as they're going to be.
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  20. This is just an excuse by Roman fanboys/apologists for why he isn't over as they'd like him to be. If WWE gave a push to someone the vocal fans liked, there wouldn't be more than a fickle few that would rebel against it.
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