News Reigns possibly injured

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. Can just as well be a work as it can be legit as mentioned in the article. But worth a bit of discussion I guess. If he truly tore his triceps. How do you see WWE changing plans?
  2. I watched the Fallout show and the manner he said it in was to convey how tough the match was.... I have to say though after watching their interview that Ambrose is one funny ass dude.
  3. Thought The Shield would be in the MITB match so I doubt it will affect plans too much,with just Ambrose and Rollins entering it if it's a serious injury to Reigns.
  4. I suppose HHH can bury Rollins at SummerSlam instead.
  5. Thats a real shame if he is legit injured not the right time to get injured as he is to be pushed as the new face of the company
  6. It's likely all part of the work. If it's not, then it won't affect the MITB PPV much either way since all three Shield members were likely poised to end up in the ladder match for the briefcase (or the ladder match for the championship, although it's looking like Bryan won't be vacating the championship after all) anyway.

    If there IS a separate match for the title, then Hunter can simply book one guy to compete for the title and the other to compete for the briefcase, and in doing so, set forth a plan to systematically destroy The Shield from within since competing for the title or a guaranteed shot at the title will make both guys (or in the case of Reigns, all three guys) realize that their individual goals and desires outweigh their desire to stick together as a cohesive unit. There's only so much to do and only so far you can go when you're a team. MITB could likely be the beginning of a slow burn towards the end of The Shield.
  7. He didn't seem hurt to me. If he is, likely something minor that wont effect him much in any future matches.
  8. Iono about all that my main reason being I've witnessed a torn tricep during a weightlifting competition and that beast of a man was on the ground writhing in pain. I don't care how much of a badass Roman Reigns is he would've done the exact same haha, most likely this was just a exaggerated reference to the brutality of the match.
  9. Sounds like a work to me.
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