Fast Lane Reigns vs. Bryan

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by edge4ever, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. Now that this match is set. What do you think will happen? I don't think Bryan is going to straight up beat reigns. The only way I see this happening is if, for whatever reason, they want to turn reigns heel. Then it would make sense. But as of now... You have a clash of 2 big faces and they're both on a roll...

    I feel that WWE will somehow have this match result in a no winner situation. Meaning that there has to be a triple threat match at mania, yet again, to determine the champion. Maybe there's a double dq? Or both competitors do something to force a double count out? Bryan could do a knee plus on the outside to reigns... And right as reigns is about to fall... He spears Bryan through the barricade and both men lose?

    I think this will happen, something along those lines.

    What do you all think? What angle is wwe goijg to take on this? You know damn well they're not going to screw Bryan yet again
  2. Reigns will win via badassery and will headline Mania with Brock.
    Bryan is not going to be in the main event, people have to stop thinking that.
  3. Bryan is going to lose, whether it's clean or not. Triple H said that Bryan is last guy that they want to be in the Main Event just last week on RAW. They don't want Reigns either from the kayfabe point of view, but you'd think that they would settle on just having one in the Main Event instead of Bryan being in it as well. That way the one who is victorious is at his weakest for a potential cash-in. I simply don't see them backtracking and having another triple threat for the title, especially one that involves Bryan nonetheless. If WWE changed their booking at a drop at a hat due to a couple wrong reactions a storyline wouldn't last more than a couple of weeks. They've had Reigns slated for this spot for almost a year now, and even if they did add Bryan to the Main Event of 'Mania he'd still be walking out without the title in hand.
  4. When did triple h say he doesn't want Bryan in the main event? U mean in character on raw? Or in the podcast? Cause if it was in raw, that's just him ranting about it.
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  5. On RAW, but even though it was said while in character it doesn't mean that it holds no weight. Bryan had his chance last year, and yeah, it didn't pan out the way it had been hoped by quite a bit of people. It doesn't take away the fact that he went over Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista all in one night to walk out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Whomever goes over Lesnar at 'Mania is going to be a guaranteed star for the most part. Bryan already had his shot last year, this year they want to give it to Reigns. I'm not saying that Bryan doesn't deserve a real title run, but he shouldn't be the guy who goes over Lesnar. He wouldn't benefit from it as much as someone like Roman would.
  6. I'll admit, I'm not 100 perchent sure here. But if I had to bet I'd think Reigns is winning.
  7. If Bryan wins, which is something I'd love, then I'd LOL at WWE for looking so phenomenally weak and caving in to the fans' will for the second year in a row after screwing Bryan.

    But, my guess is Reigns, which sits completely well with me. I just hope his win is going to be well received, and hey, as long as it is a helluva contest, I have no problem with either guy going over...
    If the match ended in a DQ Fest, then... Can't say I'd be shocked:dawg:
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  8. The Roman Empire makes it rain Superman Punches in that bitch and Bryan ends up flat on his back, pondering his beard.
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  9. well true but last time triple h was saying stuff like this, Bryan headlined and beat not only him but everyone else at Mania.

    I get your point with Reigns and I'm all for him winning. But idk if having him beat Bryan clean, as of now, is a good idea. Maybe give it a little more time, let Reigns build. What I mean is that Reigns should get distracted as the Authority or Brock himself gets involved....and when he's distracted....he doesn't realize that Rollins or Brock, whomever....just hit Bryan with their finisher....Reigns takes them both out and is able to land a spear and beat Bryan...that way both guys don't look so bad.

    And when people say stuff like, "Bryan already had his shot last year, this year they want to give it to Reigns. I'm not saying that Bryan doesn't deserve a real title run, but he shouldn't be the guy who goes over Lesnar. He wouldn't benefit from it as much as someone like Roman would." I don't really agree, entirely.

    I get where you're coming from.....however, stars have headlined Mania numerous years in a row: Triple H, Shawn, Taker, Stone Cold, The Rock, etc. I feel that in this modern era of WWE, the "PG" era, DB is def on a level such as those guys. Thus, him headling Mania 2 years in a row....makes perfect sense and isn't a big deal if you ask me, especially as over as he is. Whjy shouldn't he be the guy who was set to beat Lesner? Had Bryan not gotten his neck injured....he was set to eventually, as far as I know, over come fact, it makes more sense to have Bryan overcome Reigns...he has history with the Authority....he overcame all odds last year and won by a miracle. Only to be injured....him coming back stronger, more over, and better than ever...makes for a better story if you ask me. And, we all know that if there's one guy who can beat Brock, "realistically" in the realm of WWE, it's DB. The guy overcame all three members of Evolution in one night, in 2 different matches, while being injured. He also beat Cena clean in 2013 for the title. Granted, I don't mean to just list his accomplishments as a reason as to why he should be there more than Reigns, but it holds some weight.

    Bryan beating Brock would be beneficial for him, even more so than Reigns. Again, he overcame a career altering injury. Once again shut up the Authority. He's now seen as the ultimate face by beating the ultimate heel. Plus, I feel Bryan and Brocks match would be better than Reigns and Brock. Much better chemistry.

    Idk, I like Reigns and don't mind him main eventing and beating Brock, just feel that Bryan is the better options...WWE just screws this up and has to back pedal, make a quick story, etc., and correct their mistakes....they're trying to really hold him back but the fans won't let them.
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  10. Reigns all the way baby. Maybe it's the fact that DB is pulling for a match vs DZ at WM31 already??? :hmmm:
  11. Ryback and DZ are now a tag team, so I'd assume that rumored DB/DZ match is out of the window for now.
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  12. Oh was that made official somewhere (SD maybe)? I had not heard it was actually a thing yet. I had hinted at it due to Ziggler's "Lil Guy" belt but thats the first I've heard that its official.
  13. Well, it was kinda obvious at that backstage interview on this week's SD that Da Big Guy and Da Lil Guy are probably going to be a tag team.
  14. Ah see, I haven't watched SD yet. Good to know though.
  15. It was a good episode. I don't think you'll regret watching it.

    Here's the video I was talking about previously.

  16. I always watch them. Just a day or two late. Usually on Saturdays.
  17. I'm a bigger fan of Daniel Bryan than I am of Roman Reigns, but Roman Reigns should win this match. WWE established this tradition of the Royal Rumble deciding who will be in the main event at Wrestlemania and they really shouldn't stray from it.

    The previous times they have screwed with this setup there were more legitimate story line reasons. In 1997 Shawn Michaels surrendered the belt and they had the match between the last four Rumble Participants for the belt. So by that point, it made no sense to go with the Rumble Winner, Steve Austin, who was one of the four guys in the match. The only other time I can think of was when John Cena came back and won the Rumble and asked for his title shot at the following PPV instead of Wrestlemania.

    Here, there is absolutely no reason that Daniel Bryan should be involved in this. Yes, he never truly lost the belt, but that argument is invalid because Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble in no way precludes Bryan from getting a title shot at Reigns or Lesnar (we are sure it will be Reigns) at an event other than Wrestlemania.

    Honestly I have no real idea why WWE thinks this match is a good idea. I'm not sure that it will silence irritated Bryan fans in any way. It actually just seems like a way to treat Roman Reigns like crap. It was fine last year when Triple H and Bryan had that match to make the Wrestlemania main event a triple threat, but it doesn't make sense for them two years in a row mess with the established Royal Rumble rules for Daniel Bryan.

    So although I am a much bigger Daniel Bryan fan, I want Roman Reigns to win the match and hold onto the title shot he is entitled to.
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  18. Probably some dumb shit resulting in another 3 way at WM.
  19. I don't like Reigns and he doesn't even deserve to be in the second half of WM card, let alone main event it, but he should win this match, otherwise WWE is going to legitimaze the crowd hijacking. Again.
  20. While I shouldn't be complaining since Bryan's getting his spot and - more importantly - WWE IS listening to the audience, it's not like I want Roman Reigns to be killed off like this either.
    Now that WWE has teased Bryan, going back to Reigns vs Lesnar will really hurt most of the wounded fanbase even more. If the plan is a double-turn... great? I guess? Idk.

    If Roman wins, he'll continue his rise of being LOATHED by the fans.
    If Roman loses, he becomes a stupid babyface who put his title shot on his line for no reason.
    If the match ends in bullshit, the fans are upset that you teased Bryan and the company gets a ton of heat.

    No good way out. If they had forced Reigns into it somehow Roman can still fall back into a match with the Authority, but what will the loser do now?
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